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  1. No, unfortunately I didn't yet. If I manage to solve it I'll post the solution here
  2. @T0BlAS I tried every options, even what @td47 suggested, but changing the location settings does not enable usb recording. I would try changing the number in tool_opt6 but I couldn't find any lists of code numbers to type in there. @Selvin FĂșnez you can enter the menu by downloading AnyMote Smart Remote on your mobile phone, then press EZ-Adjust key, type 0413 as password and you're in. Can you please post a picture of your settings under tool_opt6 so I can try to copy it? Thank you!
  3. @td47 Thank you, I will try contacting LG directly. If I solve the issue I will post the solution here, it may be useful for other users.
  4. @td47 @td47 thank you for your answer. I do have an older lg smart tv and I use Time Machine and DVR on it. About this new one, I know the UK model has the functionalty there, but on the Italian website https://www.lg.com/it/tv/lg-55un74006lb-tv-led they say it doesn't, and if I plug the hdd in and try to record I get a 'function not available' message. I guess it's the same device with the same capabilities and I guess that the function is switched off by software on the Italian model. How can I turn it on?
  5. Hallo, I bought a 55un74006LB smart tv in Italy. It seems not to have usb recording capabilities, according to the information on the italian website, but the UK site declare it has. I think it's the same product with the same functions, so how can I turn the live tv and usb recording on? I think I found the options in the service menu but I cannot change the values. Any suggestion?

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