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Very disappointing Ethernet connection on 55NANO796NE

Laurie Reynolds

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I just upgraded my old Sony TV for a LG 55NANO796. The  WiFi and wired ethernet speeds are not adequate to support 4K streaming over Internet. I installed a FTTH 900meg service with intention of streaming 4KHD TV,  stream is  pausing every minute or so for 3-5s while download catches up.  TV is very close to a WiFi mesh AP with RJ45 socket, WiFi and cable speeds on TV webOS are similar, ping of 40ms, 16Meg down and 95M upload.  I'm  measuring speed with Speedtest.net.  I connected Raspberry Pi4 media Centre (£35) and got  7ms & 110M up and down  from same AP connection.  LG have clearly  underspeced  the Ethernet buffer for 4K streaming.

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@Laurie Reynolds 

Depending on the LG model and firmware version, one (or both) of these might fix the slow WiFi issues:

1) Open the built-in app, Screen Share, from Recents.

2) Click on Listen Mode.

3) Set it to Off.

The other setting to turn off, is Quickstart (or Quickstart+ on some models)

When done, power off and unplug your TV for 30 seconds, plus back in, and turn on.

If the WiFi is still slower than it should be, ensure it is on the 5GHz band rather than on the 2.4GHz band, as depending on your router and Internet service,you SHOULD be able to get a minumum of 600Mbps with 5GHz (hopefully higher with better routers), but the 2.4GHz tends to max out at 300Mbps. NOTE: this will still be 3 times the 100Mpbs max for the Ethernet LAN cable connection, as there are no 1GBE LAN cards (1000Mpbs) in LG TV sets at the moment as @George Hofmeister  says.

If your 5GHz Wifi is still slow, log into your router, and go to the WiFi advanced setup for the 5GHz network, and ensure it is on a lower channel than 100, I find that channel 36 works well in my location, some find 44 is good.

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