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  1. Hi guys, Could someone with an older WebOS2.0 TV please check if this Cable Matters adapter works properly? Many thanks,
  2. Has anyone tried this solution with external USB adapter (Cable matters or other brand) on a WebOS2 TV? Kind regards,
  3. Hello, What player do you use on this Android box? Does it support HDR? Regards,
  4. Well, I have finally managed to increase the network throughput to at least 150 Mbps, which is fair enough for my initial problem - 4k video content with bitrates grater than 100 Mbps. My good old wireless router (DIR-600) had behaved very weird in the last weeks - the internet speed on my computer was very slow, only half the bandwidth I receive from my ISP. So I decided to buy a new dual band router (Archer-C5 V4) and now the computer receives full internet speed, and surprisingly the TV (only wifi N) connects to the 5 Ghz network at speeds > 100 Mbps. Now the move in case (American Made) plays very smooth without any stuttering - max bitrate measured with speedometer on the Plex linux box was 15 Mb/s, or ~ 120 Mbps. Another movie with peaks > 100 Mbps is Life of Pi, especially the scene with thousands of moving meerkats on the island.
  5. Different WebOS, different behaviour maybe. I won't update until the issue is sorted up by LG or developer. Is 4k direct play still working after the update?
  6. I guess you are among the lucky ones, in my content store for webos2.0 I currently have 2.189.171 available for download. This version was reported as broken by many users. What version of webos do you have?
  7. Hello @nemilose, could you please tell me what is the current version of your XPLAY?
  8. Hi Since the developer (xplay.itkey.ru) didn't solve the issue yet, I have decided to block the whole LG Content Store at DNS level (pi-holed). Now when I try to open the Content Store it says it has no network connectivity, which is the desired behaviour for now. But even so, when I open the app I still have two options, update and launch. The question is what would happen if I choose update, the new version is already downloaded on the TV and just starts installing, or the TV first try to download the update from the Content Store? Best regards,
  9. Yes it is, with XPLAY you can direct stream/play (without transcoding) 4k content, while PLEX official app cannot do that. My PLEX server runs on a raspberry pi3, so transcoding is out of the question... Kind regards,
  10. Hello, I've read on the XPLAY forum about various problems with the latest version, so I decided to postpone the update until the issues are solved. I really don't know where the problem is but the developer said: "They have approved a quiet old version what has no online update functionality and the only way to fix anything or add new functionality is to send it to LG QA team … but they arrrrr soooooo much slow. Ive send them (on several days ago) version latest dev version with online update functionality. It will allow me to react to bugs much faster …" My setup is: TV: LG 55EG920V, WebOS 2.0, Software version 04.25.70 XPLAY: 20180322.1.2.8 (ONLINE) PLEX: The version available for update in LG content store is 2.189.171 (08.10.2018). Many users complained they couldn't login anymore after upgrading to this version. Could you please tell me what is the correct version should I update and when it'll be available for my TV? Also, is there any way to skip this update? I just want to avoid an accidental update which would broke the functionality... Kind regards,
  11. I prefer to watch my video content from Plex Server + XPLAY (LG doesn't support 4k over DLNA, another stupid limitation) instead of Blu-ray player. I don't have a powerful computer to do transcoding, so when I buy a 4k blu-ray I simply remux it to mkv and add it to the Plex library - my files are very big, 50-60 GB per movie. Some of them have bitrate peaks which exceed 100mbps. My Plex box (linux) is capable of streaming higher bitrates, the TV itself is able to process these bitrates but is limited by the speed of the network adapter. The same movie would play without stuttering from USB3.0 (or even 2.0) external disk, but would stutter occasionally (>100mbps) when streamed from Plex library (using the same USB3.0 disk). It would be very nice to have at least the option to install a gigabit dongle on the TV. I have already tried with Trendnet TU3-ETG but the TV won't recognize it. Maybe with a future firmware update it will be possible, who knows...
  12. Hello, Is there any way of installing an usb gigabit network adapter on a webos smart TV? The builtin wired adapter is only 100mbps (on a 2000$+ TV, shame on you LG!!!) while the wifi (N) is very poor, with the router at 1m from TV it only gets half the bandwidth of the wired network. Anyway the wired network maxes out near 100mbps but I need more bandwidth as I have 4k video content with bitrates grater than 100mbps which I cannot stream without stuttering to TV through XPLAY/PLEX. Kind regards,
  13. Few days ago I received my new 55EG920V 4k OLED TV 2015 model with passive 3D and after a brief testing it turned out that 4k over DLNA isn't supported in WebOS2.0 - LG customer support already confirmed that. Of course, this limitation isn’t explicitly stated anywhere, neither in the the owner’s manual nor on the LG official website. The same MKV HEVC file would play well enough through USB, but not DLNA. So for the unlucky WebOS2.0 4k TV owners, the only way of playing 4k content from the home network is through USB. This is mind blowing, in the high speed internet connections and gigabyte ethernet era, LG force its own customers to move USB sticks between computer and TV. Leaving out important information through omission means misleading commercial practices: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/unfair-treatment/unfair-commercial-practices/index_en.htm. Are LG or WebOS developers willing to fix this issue through a future firmware update? PS. the passive 3D is spectacular, this is the main reason I bought this somehow outdated 4k TV PS2. could someone with a WebOS3.0 or 3.5 TV confirm that 4k over DLNA is supported with this newer OS versions?

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