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LG Tv Sound Out through a Sonos Connect Amp

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Hi i also have a LG smart tv with Sonos connect amp

you can buy a Tendak ARC Audio Extractor on Amazon

this will allow you to send all audio from your tv to your

Sonos connect via hdmi arc from tv to your red white 

phono plugs on your hifi, this will also allow you to adjust

your sound via  your tv remote.

Also remember to use a newer hdmi cable

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Thanks Thomas like this ?

link hidden, please login to view

So using this how many devices do you manage to get the sound coming from through your Hi- Fi  and do you have to change any of the tv settings when using it ?








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Thanks for the info Thomas seems I can't currently  get that one from amazon.com  as I am in the uk  however I  can get delivery  straight from 

link hidden, please login to view
  but I am not sure if they have the right one,  what is the Difference between the 2 please ?




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Hi Barry

The most important difference for you is

the first link has no audio left right red white

output plugs which would not work for you,

if you see the last link i sent you it has red white

audio out plugs.

I have the right tendak unit here which i dont use

any more as i have just got a new Sonos amp, i could

send you the right Tendak unit but i live in Denmark.

If you want you can send me your phone number i

can ring we can talk about it my email is [email protected]

this is not a rip off just trying to help.



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Hi Barry

Yes this one looks good and should work,

just remember the hdmi cable must be arc

complient that means hdmi cable over version 1,4

are arc complient arc means audio return complient

this is because i learnt the hard way useing old hdmi

cables not returning sound.

I am a retired technical manager at a big FM radio

station here in DK a bit bored in these corona times

good luck let me know how it goes with the hdmi converter

I have used mine the last three years worked well, but

have just got a new Sonos amp very much recomended.

regards Thomas


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