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  1. Sorry to hear of the buffering problem, i found my problem was my internet i then changed my internet provider, this helped a lot i dont have the buffering anymore, which internet provider do you use and do you use wifi or cable?
  2. It could be at the dish where the LNB is maybe a short at the F connector fixed on the LNB or the LNB is defect.
  3. Can be many things. 1. Has it rained lately or wind has moved dish. 2. Cabel bad. 3. Plug at LNB is bad should be taped to stop rain. 4. Does it show on screen message short even when you disconnect from tv?
  4. Android tv menu system is so bad, i had a Philips android tv after six months sold it for half the new price i was so disgusted with it worst tv i have ever had, i then bought a LG so happy with it very easy menu system, also perchased a LG for bedroom, never ever buy an android tv again.
  5. Have you anyway to check your sat signal? maybe the dish has moved away from sat position or your cable or connections are not good, i think the tv is trying to recieve a signal even if the sat cable is disconnected.
  6. Just to explain what a Sabai vpn router can do if it is on a UK openvpn setup this will then give you a UK ip addresse which will transmit to your TV, PC, Apple tv box,Tablet,Phone,via wifi or cable, with this you can see all UK apps The best router from Sabai is a Netgear R7000 price is $ 349 this will give you a speed of about 35 mbt fine for HD video.
  7. What do you mean you get all the UK channels if you live in Spain you cant get terestrial UK channels, but maybe freesat if you have a big dish.
  8. Tony how many ports on your router usually 4 if so do they all 4 have internet? Maybe Derek soloution can work London and switch time off.
  9. Yes i understand i dont know which isp you use or which country you are in but normally on a isp router you have 4 internet ports as i have i use one for my sabai router, if your isp router only has one internet port then you can put the router in bridge mode then you just cable to your own new router. By the way what kind of speed do you have on your broadband. Just post if you need any advice.
  10. I am afraid ITV and My5 dont work on smartdns there is no work around for this the only otherway is via vpn as you have Nordvpn maybe you can use this to see ITV etc. Otherwise you would need a special vpn router useing ddwrt or tomato firmware maybe https://www.sabaitechnology.com/vpn-routers/ i use one works fine on openvpn from Nordvpn had one for many years now.
  11. I think if you turn autoconnect off in settings network save then turn autoconnect on again save it should show a smart dns for Nordvpn as or in dns on your network, if not you can put this in manual in the dns settings on your network.
  12. Go to settings,programmes,programme tuning &settings,progamme list update, turn this off This will solve your problem with start on live tv.
  13. You must have been very unlucky with your Smart tv, i have two lg Smart tvs perchased last year we also see a lot tv, we are very pleased with our LG Smart tvs, have tried both Sony, Philps Smart tvs got rid of them thank god they were hopeless with the bad Andriod tv system.

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