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lg smart tv [iptv smarters player]



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On 5/2/2019 at 4:38 PM, Hutchy said:

brand new lg amart tv

loaded iptv smarters app no problem 

put in username and password

username and password are correct

keeps coming up 

failed to authorize

any help would be appreciated


13 hours ago, maninblack2000 said:

Mine is exactly the same, yet works fine om my Android box? saw someone saying the same in the Play store.


Hutchy - try contacting the people behind the app  as if it is not working on wegOS then they need to know so that they can fix the problem.

maninblack2000 - the app may well work on Android but as it is a different OS platform it is not a straight comparison, again if it is not working on webOS then contact 

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3 minutes ago, maninblack2000 said:

Thats a different app mate, Smarterspro or just normal Smarters app is the One in LG Store, reading that my suppliers DNS needs to be registered for it to work on LGS, think i could do that myself but not worth the hassle, will just use my Android Box and either/or Perfect Player.

Hi maninblack2000,

If you could point other users to the correct producer that would be great, they may want to contact them especially if unlike yourself they do not have an alternative device to use.

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Your problem is that the url you're using on your smart tv is wrong! Check your email from your iptv provider there's a different url for smart tv only! this happened to me. In your email  there's normally your user name, password and url.... plus a url for smart TVs  only and also one for a MAG portal.. hope this helpd

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