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WiFi turned off issue

Vinod Verma


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If you are losing your connection to WiFi every now and then you might find things work better if you give your TV a static IP address. I did when I was using a BT Smart Hub to provide my internet connection. 

To change to a static IP just untick 'auto' in the WiFi settings. You can either try leaving the settings with the same values that were assigned automatically before or change the IP address to one outside the normal range your router assigns by DHCP but still in the same subnet. 

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On 9/9/2019 at 3:49 AM, Brian Gregory said:

You could try going to Settings / General / Reset to Initial Settings and hope that that gets it going.

You could also try completely removing power from the TV and leave it like that for 15 minutes before reconnecting power and trying again. I've been told that's supposed to reset some stuff to factory settings too. 

Is there any risk by doing this 

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As  I was saying, simply resetting and power cycling does not work. Resetting the magic control also does not work.

I ordered 3 necro-cannibalized modules from China, and none works either. Since there is a chance that one of them was good still exists, I am beginning to suspect some self-destruct feature. Because USB also still works and what could happen destroying only one USB port(wifi), and not harming all others, connected to the same controller.

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