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  1. Flash is old. Flash is not going to be supported by Adobe for much longer. Are you aware that LG explicitly say they DO NOT support video streaming in their web browser anyway?
  2. They probably thought there would never be a file with more than 12 subtitle tracks. And I'm afraid I have to say that doesn't seem unreasonable to me!
  3. The cursor should appear if you rotate the wheel. Though depending on what you're doing that may also have the effect of changing the channel or something else. Also remember the magic remote eats batteries at an incredible rate so problems are often due to the batteries getting low.
  4. My partial solution to running out of memory over and over: Go to Settings / General and make sure "Quick Start+" is NOT enabled. If you run into this "restarting app to free up memory" problem there is no need to unplug from power or hold power button, just switch it off and on again using the red button on the remote. With "Quick Start+" disabled you will need to wait 5 seconds or so after it comes back on before it becomes responsive to the remote, but you will find there is some more memory available and the problem will almost always not happen again for a while.
  5. I think the browser is part of web OS and will be updated when your TV updates it's web OS.
  6. You don't. Go to LG Content Store and install the Netflix app.
  7. You could try going to Settings / General / Reset to Initial Settings and hope that that gets it going. You could also try completely removing power from the TV and leave it like that for 15 minutes before reconnecting power and trying again. I've been told that's supposed to reset some stuff to factory settings too.
  8. This morning it's working properly again. My LG services country was and still is 'United Kingdom'.
  9. Same here on a 32LK6200PLA. Press the microphone on the remote and the TV just shows and speaks back "A temporary issue has occurred while connecting to the server. Please try again. (6022)" " It was working a day or two ago. So good chance it is just temporary.
  10. If you are losing your connection to WiFi every now and then you might find things work better if you give your TV a static IP address. I did when I was using a BT Smart Hub to provide my internet connection. To change to a static IP just untick 'auto' in the WiFi settings. You can either try leaving the settings with the same values that were assigned automatically before or change the IP address to one outside the normal range your router assigns by DHCP but still in the same subnet.

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