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3 hours ago, WynQat said:

Why does my Amazon Prime app (latest version) not connect on my LG smart TV? I'm hard wire connected to the internet and all other apps work perfectly, Netflix provides UHD quality, yet Amazon Prime gives a connectivity error message. My TV OS is up to date.

Has Amazon Prime ever worked for you?

What version is installed?

Have you moved geographical locations (this one crops up more than you would think)?

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10 minutes ago, George Hofmeister said:

Has Amazon Prime ever worked for you?

What version is installed?

Have you moved geographical locations (this one crops up more than you would think)?

Yes, it has worked previously, up to a point. I have not moved geographically. I don't know which version, but it's the one that was updated a few weeks ago. It actually worked right after the update, but after navigated away from the app and pressed the Prime Video button again, I received the same error message.

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I managed to get the app working eventually. I now have an issue with DNS via Unlocator. When switching to Amazon Prime, I receive the "Network problems.." message. I have to go to DNS setting, change to auto DNS, switch off and on, then go back to settings, change to Unlocator DNS and then it will connect! Why is this?

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I don’t have an answer but l do have a related problem.

I directed my problem to Amazon Prime a couple of weeks ago but still don’t have an answer.  It seems to occur only with HDR 4K eg Dolby Vision, UHD, The program starts to play ok but at some point  the video freezes but the audio continues. If you restart the program starts again and continues for a while and then the problem starts again. Eventually the app crashes.

I too am on a LAN connection with 80 + Mbps speed  VERY ANNOYING.

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Maybe some good news for Amazon Prime video problems.

Try rebooting both your Modem and TV. I turned them both off for 30 secs and when I restarted lo and behold all my problems with streaming were gone.


 I should clarify  my TV is a Smart TV with Prime Video as an onboard app  if you stream using and external device (eg Apple TV)  you might try rebooting that device also.

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