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  1. could be the network interface card on the TV the is only capable of 50 mbps. Have you checked the specs on the card?
  2. Maybe some good news for Amazon Prime video problems. Try rebooting both your Modem and TV. I turned them both off for 30 secs and when I restarted lo and behold all my problems with streaming were gone. I should clarify my TV is a Smart TV with Prime Video as an onboard app if you stream using and external device (eg Apple TV) you might try rebooting that device also.
  3. None of my LAN network IP addresses appear to be the long format IPV6 and the TV does go thru my router to the Internet via a LAN connection. Safe to leave IPV6 disabled?
  4. I have an OLED55E8 TV which has the option to turn on IPV6 without any explanation as to why I might need it. Should I turn it on?
  5. I have a OLED55E8 DolbyVision and UHD do play but they crash the app. First symptom I have is video freeze with audio continue - then CRASH. I have talked to Amazon Prime but no solution as yet. My connection is thru Lan and my speeds are 80+ Mbps
  6. I don’t have an answer but l do have a related problem. I directed my problem to Amazon Prime a couple of weeks ago but still don’t have an answer. It seems to occur only with HDR 4K eg Dolby Vision, UHD, The program starts to play ok but at some point the video freezes but the audio continues. If you restart the program starts again and continues for a while and then the problem starts again. Eventually the app crashes. I too am on a LAN connection with 80 + Mbps speed VERY ANNOYING.

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