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  1. Wired connection, which provides UHD, without loss.
  2. Ok, so apparently there was a fix for the latest update of the OS and the Amazon app loaded, without a problem... for like a week and I again get the same irritating message! WTF?
  3. App will now restart solution

    That's great, but why invest in a very expensive, so-called "smart TV" when you can have the same functionality on a standard LED TV, with Chromecast/Apple TV at a lower cost? Makes NO SENSE to buy LG Smart TV!
  4. LG Web Os TV UJ634V Amazon V1.0.19 30/10/2017
  5. I'm getting a recurring message about connection issues when I press the Amazon button on my remote, yet when using the Amazon web page and watching streaming video on that, I get UHD quality. What is going on here?
  6. You go girl!
  7. Absolute bull****! Why does Samsung and ANY other TV not have the same "flaw" built in? That's an complete copout for bad design! Furthermore, why could someone from LG not come on to this forum, HOSTED BY THEM, to tell everybody that? I know why, telephonically they can say what they want to. Put it in print here and they are liable to get sued, that's why! Another thing, how the HELL are you supposed to stream YouTube, which is embedded as an application on the product, but does the same crap "out of memory" errors????
  8. App restart to free memory

    LG has not got the balls to own up to the problem. If I've spent good money on their product, why should I now go and buy another product, because this one is up to shit? Fix the software, or recall the product to add more memory! Last LG I would ever buy!
  9. I have yet to see one single response from LG on this issue... Absolutely pathetic!
  10. App restart to free memory

    Mine does not do it frequently, but does so arbitrarily, which is extremely annoying when watching live sporting events! What does LG say about it, or are we all just complaining into the wind?