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  1. I have on several occasions turned my TV off, upon leaving the house and returning to it blaring away on some random channel on YouTube! What would be the cause of this? Is there a way to turn it "OFF" off and not just standby mode? Second question: What type of keyboard could I use for my TV and how does one install it so the TV picks it up? I hate using the on-screen unit!
  2. Looks like posting here, is like putting a message in a bottle, don't ever expect a reply with an attempt to assist you with your problem, from LG!
  3. I managed to get the app working eventually. I now have an issue with DNS via Unlocator. When switching to Amazon Prime, I receive the "Network problems.." message. I have to go to DNS setting, change to auto DNS, switch off and on, then go back to settings, change to Unlocator DNS and then it will connect! Why is this?
  4. Yes, it has worked previously, up to a point. I have not moved geographically. I don't know which version, but it's the one that was updated a few weeks ago. It actually worked right after the update, but after navigated away from the app and pressed the Prime Video button again, I received the same error message.
  5. Why does my Amazon Prime app (latest version) not connect on my LG smart TV? I'm hard wire connected to the internet and all other apps work perfectly, Netflix provides UHD quality, yet Amazon Prime gives a connectivity error message. My TV OS is up to date.
  6. So I'm still sitting with this problem, any solutions? After the initial problem in January, Amazon button worked on and off for the past 6 months but finally stopped connecting at the end of April. I am forced to use Amazon, via a PC now, which does not give me the same video quality. Netflix offers UHD 4k without any problems! I've tried turning TV on and off, as the error screen suggests, I've reset routers and pulled network cables in and out, nothing. Every time I press Amazon button I get the same "Connection problem" message in every language on earth!
  7. Wired connection, which provides UHD, without loss.
  8. Ok, so apparently there was a fix for the latest update of the OS and the Amazon app loaded, without a problem... for like a week and I again get the same irritating message! WTF?
  9. That's great, but why invest in a very expensive, so-called "smart TV" when you can have the same functionality on a standard LED TV, with Chromecast/Apple TV at a lower cost? Makes NO SENSE to buy LG Smart TV!
  10. LG Web Os TV UJ634V Amazon V1.0.19 30/10/2017
  11. I'm getting a recurring message about connection issues when I press the Amazon button on my remote, yet when using the Amazon web page and watching streaming video on that, I get UHD quality. What is going on here?
  12. Absolute bull****! Why does Samsung and ANY other TV not have the same "flaw" built in? That's an complete copout for bad design! Furthermore, why could someone from LG not come on to this forum, HOSTED BY THEM, to tell everybody that? I know why, telephonically they can say what they want to. Put it in print here and they are liable to get sued, that's why! Another thing, how the HELL are you supposed to stream YouTube, which is embedded as an application on the product, but does the same crap "out of memory" errors????
  13. LG has not got the balls to own up to the problem. If I've spent good money on their product, why should I now go and buy another product, because this one is up to shit? Fix the software, or recall the product to add more memory! Last LG I would ever buy!

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