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You would have to approach the producers of Kodi and ask them to release a webOS version.  LG generally do not produce apps for webOS in the same way that Google & Apple do not produce all the apps for their respective platforms.

You can of course use the official LG Feedback form to request apps, but do not hold your breath...


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6 hours ago, Jeff Byland said:


We as customers would like you as LG to approach the producers of Kodi to release a webos version.

This is how customer support works.  We ask for something and you try yo make it happen.  Or make it work in the near future.



Yes I know how customer support works, but this isn't a customer support forum, this is a user to user forum. 

So I went and did some due diligence by going to the Kodi website and forum to see the state of play of an app for webOS.  Basically it is not going to happen:

link hidden, please login to view

So according to Kodi team members unless you want to purchase hardware (TV) for them to test on they are not really interested in webOS or any other smart TV platform.  LG themselves are not going to bother creating one as it is a relatively niche product that would probably not generate a huge amount of extra sales.

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For the majority of users LG's webOS, Samsung's Tizen and other smart TVs with non-Android OSs their TVs will do the all the things they want to do, most people will be using the TV for just that..  LG are not catering for the very small percentage that only want to use the TV just for cable input, or only want to use streaming services.  For those who are more tech savvy a smart TV is probably not going to cut the mustard.  Manufacturers are trying to cater for the masses, the old adage of you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time, springs to mind.  Also as I have started to point out in post to people asking for particular apps that those two giants of the IT market Apple and Google do not produce all the apps in their respective store.  So why do people expect LG to do so?  

I did a quick search to see if Kodi was available on Samsung, and came across the article "Use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV [Latest Version]", and thought OK lets have a look and see who produces it, if it was a fork or a Samsung produced app etc.  But, actually it is an article about installing Kodi on third party hardware and plugging it in to a Samsung TV.  It could have been retitled "Use Kodi on any Smart TV [Latest Version]".  The same problems that are seen on webOS are often seen on other manufacturer's smart TVs.

If you want a particular app then yes let the forum know, it may be something others have not heard of and could use it if it was produced.  Then yes contact LG to let them know your interest, but also and much more importantly let the producer/content provider know that you want it, let them know you have posted on this forum.  Ask other forum member to contact them as well, one person requesting is not going to generate a lot of momentum, dozens, hundreds may be.  People have requested and bemoaned the fact there is no Hotstar app, I have provided a link to contact them but I think that only one person has actually said they have done so.  Users have got to make an effort and not expect things to just happen.

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