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  1. Hey, I had some compatibility problems with REACTJS and ENACTJS, with the older versions of Webos, for example 3.0. I had to abandon these frameworks and rewrite much of the code in pure Javascript. For this reason the progress of the project is a little slow. I hope to launch a functional version in the second half of this year. I appreciate the remembrance and encouragement.
  2. I just use a Kodi on the Raspberry pi. Kodi serves my intranet media files.
  3. Thanks for the support and encouragement! I resumed work with a new approach. Now I use the recommended library and used by LG in its native applications: EnactJS. See: https://enactjs.com/ and samples: https://github.com/enactjs/samples Please follow my project on github, and if you can contribute in any way, thank you very much. https://github.com/valverde-marcelo/kodi2webos
  4. Native Kodi has memory and storage requirements that I still believe not possible on smart tv. Kodi client is an alternative to Plex, for example for Raspberry Pi. Thanks anyaway.
  5. I started building a client for Kodi that runs on Smart TV LG webos. As a client, need a Kodi server running on local network to consume the JSON-RPC API. Communicates through websockets. It is being implemented in Javascript using REACT JS. I'm looking for developers for the GUI. Contributions are welcome!! see the project on github: https://github.com/valverde-marcelo/kodi2webos/

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