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Sound Sync problem: Image sync lags sound

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I have a 43UJ630V and am being driven mad by the poor sound sync between the TV and my Sony Home Cinema connected via HDMI & Optical. 

Vision lags behind the sound typically by about 1 second or so, but it seems constant and doesn’t change with time. 

I’ve tried all sorts but can’t make any difference; it does the same whether I play a DVD on the Home Cinema, stream off internet via Home Cinema or TV, or watch tv with sound out through Home Cinema; clearly something is wrong!

Before the LG I had a Sony TV connected the same way and it worked perfectly. 

I suspect the delay may be due to the upscaling of the images but can’t see any control. 

Maybe the TV/WebOS needs a control to adjust the sync?


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Andy, I just bought the oled65c7p and I too have sound sync problems just with the tv and no other sound equipment the tv picture is way ahead of the tv sound.  I have tried all the sound adjustments and only get a temporary fix, it eventually reverts back to the long sound delay. The only fix I have found is to disable the Dolby sound output from my directv box, changed it to pcm.  Sound is now synced with picture but of course this is an unsatisfactory “solution”.

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It's a pain in the ass LG should fix through a software update.  You can play with the sound settings but they don't seem to help on the delay, only make it worse.  Bypass seems like the best setting.  Home cinema/surround sound with the tv sound off seems to be the best bc the source of the picture and sound are the same.  I used to be able to have tv sound and surround sound on at the same time and now you get echo effect.

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