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  1. Please fix webOS slingtv app to work with AirTV - does not show or work with OTA recordings.
  2. Are you using the lg plus app? Try removing it and reinstalling.
  3. I was having the same problem with the lg plus iOS app until today. Even though the lg tv was connected to the WiFi network in settings, there is a sub setting for an additional network setting that needs to be turned on under advanced, for ipv6 to be on. After that it worked right away.
  4. LG sells us a large screen smart tv with a web browser as a prominent feature, it is implicit that it works with major web sites like cbs so we can use it. And there is no app or add on. It is LG’s responsibility.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. Any chance LG is going to fix the web browser so it actually works with major sites like cbs?
  6. How can you use chrome in webos lgtv if it only uses the native browser? And have the same problem with cbs web site not playing back full episodes.
  7. Maybe we should ask LG to buy us Rokus since it is still only half an app on LG.
  8. Yeah, but its been six months, when are they going to fix it so the full sling menu and the cloud DVR which are available on Roku work as well on LG? Otherwise, its only half an app.
  9. Not wrong. I called Sling first when I couldn't record or even find the cloud dvr in the LG Sling app. Sling told me they are working on it but it would be good to hear what LG is doing as well.
  10. It's a pain in the ass LG should fix through a software update. You can play with the sound settings but they don't seem to help on the delay, only make it worse. Bypass seems like the best setting. Home cinema/surround sound with the tv sound off seems to be the best bc the source of the picture and sound are the same. I used to be able to have tv sound and surround sound on at the same time and now you get echo effect.

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