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  1. RickL

    Lip Sync Problem

    Does this mean that you no longer have Dolby sound on the tv? PCM is not Dolby.
  2. My new Oled tv sound is out of synch with the video. Happens when using my directv receiver set to Dolby Sound. The sound is behind the picture and gets worse over time. Works fine when directv sound is set to pcm. Previous tv, Samsung, worked fine with same setup using Dolby sound on directv. Latest LG software update improved it but did not resolve problem completely. In addition, this last update will not allow the user to select Dolby out of the optical port when the simultaneous sound (both internal and external speakers) is selected. With this setting Dolby can be set for internal speakers but pcm is the only choice allowed for external speakers through the optical cable. Anyone else having these problems?
  3. I bought the oled65c7p and I have the same problem just with the tv, no sound bar or other sound equipment. The tv picture is way ahead of the tv sound. It seems to get worse over time. All of the adjustments result in a temporary fix and it eventually reverts back to the sound being way behind the picture, so much so that the -5 adjustment is not enough. I did find that disabling the Dolby output from my directv box and changing it to pcm results in a synced sound and picture. But now I don’t have Dolby sound, just stereo. It seems the LG tv can’t proess the Dolby signal from the satellite box, my Samsung tv did not have this problem.
  4. Andy, I just bought the oled65c7p and I too have sound sync problems just with the tv and no other sound equipment the tv picture is way ahead of the tv sound. I have tried all the sound adjustments and only get a temporary fix, it eventually reverts back to the long sound delay. The only fix I have found is to disable the Dolby sound output from my directv box, changed it to pcm. Sound is now synced with picture but of course this is an unsatisfactory “solution”.
  5. RickL

    Lip Sync Problem

    I have the lip sync problem too and based on my search for an answer there are lots of people who have this problem. The one workaround I have found is turning off the Dolby sound output from my directv box and changing it to PCM. Of course this means I have no Dolby sound to go along with the beautiful picture, but at least the sound is not 5 seconds behind that picture. It sure would be nice if someone from LG would post something about this, if not a solution then at least an explanation of the problem.