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4k support over DLNA in WebOS2.0

Mihai B.

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Few days ago I received my new 55EG920V 4k OLED TV 2015 model with passive 3D and after a brief testing it turned out that 4k over DLNA isn't supported in WebOS2.0 - LG customer support already confirmed that. Of course, this limitation isn’t explicitly stated anywhere, neither in the the owner’s manual nor on the LG official website. The same MKV HEVC file would play well enough through USB, but not DLNA. So for the unlucky WebOS2.0 4k TV owners, the only way of playing 4k content from the home network is through USB. This is mind blowing, in the high speed internet connections and gigabyte ethernet era, LG force its own customers to move USB sticks between computer and TV.

Leaving out important information through omission means misleading commercial practices: 

link hidden, please login to view

Are LG or WebOS developers willing to fix this issue through a future firmware update?


PS. the passive 3D is spectacular, this is the main reason I bought this somehow outdated 4k TV

PS2. could someone with a WebOS3.0 or 3.5 TV confirm that 4k over DLNA is supported with this newer OS versions?

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I have the same problem. 

That is why I will never buy a LG or Samsung tv with a proprietary os. Either buy one with android tv that allows a wide set of apps or supports the update of the OS itself such as Sony TVs with android. Otherwise buy a dumb tv and get a Roku or Android box to make it smart.

There are other issues with the apps. For example whenever start a  new netflix movie or a DLNS movie there is sound surge on my AV receiver which could damage my speakers. Again LG is not going to fix the OS, the netflix app or the DLNA app to fix this problem. hence safer to go with Sony Android as it will get updates and has a richer set of apps.



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