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Better subtitle handling/options (saving Code Page&transparent background)


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I have LB650V webOS TV and it is very annoying having to reselect the (Latin 2) subtitle encoding (Code Page) every time when playing the movie. Absolutely no excuse not to save the last used choice for the subtitle Code Page so I hope it will be implemented in the future firmware updates.


And one more thing about the subtitles: the options to turn on the transparent background and/or the character outlines has to be done - to improve the readability.

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Hello, chupo_cro. Update your TV firmware and Code Page will be saved, and every next playing it will be like last time.


Best regards,



So the Code Page choice saving has already been solved? Nice to hear :-) I have disabled automatic SW updates because I wanted to first read the changelog and wait to see the user reports but couldn't find any changelogs :-/ So I am still using firmware 03.23.13 shipped with the TV. I can see the latest firmware is 4.30.16 - can you confirm this FW didn't introduce some new bugs? For example, with 03.23.13 web browser often suddenly just restarts.


Do you maybe know if SW update can mess up some settings (e.g. calibration settings)?


Thank you for your reply

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Update your TV firmware and Code Page will be saved, and every next playing it will be like last time.


You were right - after updating the firmware to 04.30.16 the Code Page option remembers the (last used) state. I've also noticed new icon design, sooner disappearing notifications after inserting/removing the USB stick, more info in the About menu (MAC addresses), faster responding menus/options and faster previewing contents of the removable drives.


Unfortunately web browser still sometimes restarts when browsing the pages. However, it now restarts with 'Out of memory' error code (before there wasn't any error reports).


I hope the transparent subtitle background and subtitle outline options will be implemented in the near future.


And there is one more thing about the subtitle handling - I believe it's so important it deserves a separate thread so I am going to open a new topic...

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On 2/19/2019 at 2:09 PM, laki21 said:


I have LED TV LG 70UK6950  and I have the same problem like its described in first post -  I must to reselect the subtitle encoding (Code page 1250) every time when playing the movie.

Is possible to save  these settings for future use?

I have exactly the same problem with LG 55SM9010PLA. I have to set the Windows 1250 code page for every movie i wanna watch with subtitles...
BTW the menu for code page change is hidden really well. Average users have no chance to find it without online help or big chunk of luck...

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Hello, I have LG OLED65B9SLA, newest firmware 5.10.30 and I have same problem. Every time (also for same movie which I watched before) I have to set correct encoding (Windows-1250). Is possible remember last encoding settings until I change it to different settings? Or is possible set it somewhere as default settings?

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I can offer some suggestions on how you might address the subtitle encoding and readability issues on your LG LB650V webOS TV:

  1. Check for Firmware Updates: Regularly check for firmware updates for your LG TV. Manufacturers often release updates that include bug fixes and improvements. Newer firmware versions may address the issue you are experiencing or introduce new features that enhance subtitle options.

  2. Contact LG Support: If you find that the subtitle encoding setting is not being saved or if you have suggestions for improving subtitle options, consider reaching out to LG customer support. They may be able to provide additional assistance or pass on your feedback to their development team.

  3. Subtitle Settings on Media Player: If you're using an external media player (e.g., a streaming device, Blu-ray player, etc.), check if it has subtitle encoding options. Adjusting the settings on the media player might override the TV's default settings.

  4. Explore Third-Party Apps: Consider using third-party apps or media players that offer more subtitle customization options. Some apps may allow you to save subtitle preferences for future playback.

  5. Subtitles from Different Sources: If you're obtaining subtitles from different sources, try using subtitles that are already encoded in Latin 2 (or the desired format). This way, you might not need to change the encoding manually each time.

  6. Report Feedback: If your TV has a feedback or suggestions feature, use it to provide feedback about the subtitle encoding and readability options. Manufacturers often value user feedback for product improvements.

  7. External Subtitle Devices: If the TV's built-in subtitle options do not meet your requirements, you can explore using external subtitle devices that offer more advanced features and customization.

Regarding the transparent background and character outlines for subtitles, these features might be dependent on the video content and the subtitle format used. Some media players and apps allow you to customize subtitle appearance, including background transparency and character outlines. Again, exploring third-party apps might provide more control over subtitle settings.

Remember that software and firmware updates are essential for improving user experience and addressing issues, so keeping your TV and connected devices up to date is advisable. If the features you're looking for are not available in the current firmware version, there's a chance they might be added in future updates.


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