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  1. As I was researching LG 55SK8500PLA I saw the prices a few months ago were at about €2000 and they are at about €1000 at the moment so I tried to find out the initial prices at the date of release but I couldn't find even the date of release :-/ Is there any database with dates of release and initial prices of 2018. LG TVs?
  2. You have to connect all negative contacts (black wire) together so the PC has the same reference voltage for the data line as the DVD writer. You can even connect all the red contacts together too - that way the maximum current the DVD writter could draw would be 2.1 A (from power adapter) + 0.5 A (from the laptop). That is if your laptop has USB 2.0 connector. If it has USB 3.0 then it would be 2.1 A (from power adapter) + 0.9 A (from the laptop) .
  3. No, everything is OK with both the router and internet (tried several routers). After many tests I discovered the problem occurs if and only if the LG TV is the only device in the network connected through wifi. If there is at least one more device connected through wifi then there is no problem with dropping wireless speed to exactly 1.00 Mb/s. That means, if there is a laptop or a mobile phone connected to internet through wifi then even LG TV's wifi works at full speed. But after disconnecting all other devices or in the case when there is no other wifi device in the network - then LG
  4. I have accounts on both speedtest.net&testmy.net and the results (up, down, PING) are always exactly the same (I always run both measurements one after another). However, since speedtest.net test is very short (downloads only about 15 MB), testmy.net with bigger chunks gives more accurate average speed. It besides gives the control over the size of the test chunk and displays more info (TID graph). I have meanwhile connected the TV thru the LAN cable and the speed was exactly as measured via PC. My wireless LAN speed seems to be for some reason limited to 1.00 Mb/s (my modem is in brid
  5. Can you, please, check if there is Total Power On Time entry in the About menu of 5.00.20? After installing 5.00.15 the Total Power On Time info is not there any more.
  6. 5.00.15 available (Croatia, 42LB650V), I like the new UI but browser 'Out of memory' error remained :-( 'Swap instead of Move in Antenna mode' bug remained: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1685-programme-manager-swap-instead-of-move-in-antenna-mode/ BTW, although my download speed measured via PC is 8.8 Mb/s, the speed measured via LB650V is only slightly above 1.0 Mb/s. Can anybody confirm this as 'normal'? I measured the speed here: http://testmy.net/ (Manual Test Size --> 50 MB, took about 360 s)
  7. I've here: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1704-strange-caracter-in-subtitles/#entry2715 given a possible workaround so you can use this solution until they fix the SW.
  8. What was the possible reason to implement the condition so there has to be at least 40 GB of free HD space to be able just to start the recording?? I made 2 partitions on my 160 GB hard disk - the first one of 40 GB assigned to Time Shift/Recording and the second one to store the movies - and now I cannot anymore start the immediate recording because it says 'There must be minimum 40 GB of free space to start the recording'!! My question #01 is: Why in the h... would I've been forced to have the free space to store hours and hours of the recorded video if I want to record just a short TV s
  9. http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1660-better-subtitle-handling-parsing-the-ii-and-bb-tags/ Until they fix the issue, the only way is to fix the subtitles by replacing <i>, </i>, <b>, </b>, <font...>, </font...> etc. tags with 'notnihg'. Here you are the macro for UltraEdit to get rid of <i>&<b> tags: InsertMode ColumnModeOff HexOff UnixReOff Find "<i>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "</i>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "<b>" Replace All "" UnixReOff Find "</b>" Replace All "" I have assigned this macro to Ctrl+F5 so
  10. Same here. The browser often restarts with 'Out of Memory' error. Especially when watching a video, but sometimes even it there isn't any video in the page.
  11. Hi, since you're suspecting the TV is not new - if that is the true then someone else has already created an account with that TV and that is the reason you can not log in with your account. Because when you are creating account it says you can not ever change your username. The same would happen if you selled the TV and didn't tell him/her the account data - he/she then couldn't create/use another username from that TV. The only solution would then be to contact LG and ask them to delete the account connected with your TV (every TV has some ID to be identified). Have you tried to crea
  12. I have the same TV and it works fine connected to the network thru the LAN cable.
  13. While in the Satellite mode channel moving works as expected, in the Antenna mode the Move command performs 'swap' rather than 'move'. Example: Satellite mode: 1. Ch 1 2. Ch 2 3. Ch 3 4. Ch 4 5. Ch 5 6. Ch 6 7. Ch 7 8. Ch 8 After moving 5 to 2: 1. Ch 1 2. Ch 5 3. Ch 2 4. Ch 3 5. Ch 4 6. Ch 6 7. Ch 7 8. Ch 8 As expected. Antenna mode: 1. Ch 1 2. Ch 2 3. Ch 3 4. Ch 4 5. Ch 5 6. Ch 6 7. Ch 7 8. Ch 8 After moving 5 to 2: 1. Ch 1 2. Ch 5 3. Ch 3 4. Ch 4 5. Ch 2 6. Ch 6 7. Ch 7 8. Ch 8 Wrong! Can anyone c
  14. Many subtitle files use the italic and bold tags to distinguish the translation of written text, character's thoughts, movie title, loud voice, ... However webOS doesn't support parsing of these tags and it just shows them on the screen as: <i>This text is italic.</i> <b>This text is bold.</b> The workaround is to Find/Replace all occurrences of <i>, </i>, <b> and </b> with 'nothing' but, of course, that removes the subtitle formatting :-/ I hope the <i> and <b> tag parsing wil be implemented in the future firmware releases. In

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