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  1. Check your software and version updation Thanks regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANASI INDIA
  2. In the menu no option screen sharing in lg webos. Trun on your mobile screen sharing auto search your tv Thanks Regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANANSI INDIA
  3. Press mic button and hold and say screen off... Thanks regards Krishna kumar LG PRODUCT TRAINER VARANASI, INDIA
  4. Hi George my self krishna from india. lg webos better than another os like android or tizen because both are os not secured but saurabh don't know. android not make sony, micromax, llyod android os is google os. and not safe if he using android phone he know very well.that he open or download any app from playstore or web page auto mode create a junk file in your file manager and this is not a file this a virus. so this is not safe for your tv.
  5. hi saurabh you are living alone or with family and what's your favrt app. would like to use app in lg smart tv.
  6. hi travis you can connect easy with own lg oled tv. Open your tv screen share option and open own pc window10 settings. select device connection and select on option widi or wireless device connection. and select your tv model. than now you can see easy to connect your pc with your oled tv.
  7. Hi saurabh I know samsung come with own os tizen. You know any social app in days week or months when. You update own app than app consume more space and your app storage 8gb than your os running slow
  8. No need for lg smart tv Android because this is 3rd party os and as well as you know that 3rd party web OS always need to update and you not one the world using android os all company using android os in mobile so it's better for mobile not for tv because you can handle mobile but you can't handle tv.
  9. NOw you can use sony live and hotstar in 2018 models through browser.
  10. Tell 500gb hard disk drive. Support for usb2.0 or usb3.0.
  11. When I go connect device in window 10 than add device searching three types led 55lf6300 entertainment n 55lf6300 media storage n 55lf6300 television so please solve my problem
  12. Hi guys my self Krishna kumar From India. Before some days ago I am connecting with window 10 laptop via wireless with 55lf6300 . But showing in screen share that unable to connect.

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