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  1. Try to call LG Hungary and report it. They asked me to record the sound and send the video to them, than they will forward it to the factory, but I don't think it'll help. Actually I'm tired of it, they were at my house 3 times (replaced the motherboard etc.), no solution. The issue is definitely in the SW, but I don't think they'll revise it.
  2. Hi Zsolt, No solution unfortunately, I've tried every possible way, but LG couldn't solve this problem. Now I'm watching films through my home theater, not the TV. LG said the TVs software and HT's software is not compatible (the tv "speaking" too fast to the HT).
  3. Actually I found an other interesting thing. My TV doesn't play DTS sound (according to it's specs, it should know it). I've tried a sample video with DTS through the TV->no sound at all, through my receiver-> it is perfect. Do you have a problem like this? Probably this digital audio decoding is a total mess in that software....
  4. Me too :(. So I'm not the only one....it's driving me nuts, I hope that LG is gonna fix that soon.
  5. Today LG replaced the main board in my TV, and as I had expected earlier nothing has changed, so it is definitely a software issue :(.
  6. Okay, a tech from LG was at my place on Monday, he wanted to replace the main board, but the one that LG ordered for him, was for a different model (no comment...), so he is going to come back next Monday. Anyway, he observed the problem, and he also thinks that is a software related issue, but first he has to replace the main board, to exclude the hardware problem. My LG LHB645 home cinema set was released in mid 2015, but it is still in production (I bought it two weeks ago, so it is new), but the last SW update was in 2016. My TV is a very new model, with a very fresh software update (not even a month old), so he thinks that TV "speaks" to the receiver too fast, the two softwares are not totally compatible. If it is really a software issue, than it's a bigger problem, for us. If not enough customers are complaining about it, or LG doesn't experience this issue in the factory, than there isn't so much hope that they are going to fix it. Actually, I'm very angry, because I specifically bought the LG home cinema to avoid compatibility issues.... He suggested to return the home cinema, and try to find a 2017 model, but I've just realized every company started to offer just soundbars, and no HTIB 5.1 systems (of course I can buy speakers and a receiver separately, but that would be really expensive...).
  7. Okay, I have searching on the net for a week, and found some posts about this problem (not specifically with LG TVs). All solutions said, that set digital output mode to PCM. It works for me as well, but in that case no Dolby Digital 5.1 . Also, an LG tech called me, he wants to replace the main board of the TV, but I don't think that will help (he isn't sure as well). If that is a hardware issue, than I should get this problem via PCM setting as well (moreover the sound is digital, so the two options are sound or no sound, digital sound can't have interference, popping noise or things like that). So assume this is a transcoding issue, and it has to be the software. Anyone experiencing a thing like this?
  8. Dear Readers,I've a strange issue that I've been struggling for a week. I bought an LG43UJ634V UHD TV and an LG LHB645N Home Theater in a Box system.I use HDMI ARC to connect the audio from the TV to receiver. LG has an option to chose between PCM or Auto at the Digital output settings.If I use the PCM option everything sounds great, but I don't have 5.1, only 2.1.And here comes the problem. When I choose Auto, 5.1 is on, sounds great but I have occasional popping noise (like when play something on an old LP player) it happens random, but for example during a film, it is very annoying. It happens with YouTube, Netflix, DLNA streaming, external devices, so the content doesn't matter. I think I've tried everything. I tested it with different HDMI cables, optical cable, but still have the problem. I tested it with a sound bar as well, the problem is the same.When I play content from the receiver, there is no problem, the sound is wonderful, no popping. Also, the TVs speakers are okay.I don't think it is a hardware issue, because the TV's sound is OK, the home theater's sound is OK, the problem only happens when I want to use the digital output of the TV (either HDMI ARC or Optical) with auto setting.I called LG as well, the rep. said the she will pass this info to the technical team.Do you have any idea, that it can be solved, or I need to wait for a software update?

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