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  1. Hello Krishna Kumar, Thank you for the help!Unfortunately my TV does not seem to have TV Sound sync as option(Uploaded picture of the current options). I previously had the soundbar connected via bluetooth but this had a lot of issues from sound delay perspective(issue with TV crashing was still visible), so i had to connect it via optical cable. Also i would like to still use internal speakers + soundbar as audio. I also did the pixel refresher procedure 2 (or 3 times, not sure) already. Also uploaded picture of the current software version - no newer one when i press check for updates.
  2. Small update - i also tested by changing the sound set up to only internal TV speakers - issue happened again.
  3. Hello guys and gals, I am not sure if this question is for here, but i tried reading some posts on the internet and could not find a reasonable explanation or solution to my problem, so here it is. I bought my TV (official model i think is OLED55CX3LA) about 2 weeks ago along with LG Soundbar SN4, connected via optical cabel. In few words, the setup is as follows: - Picture mode - Expert (Dark Room) with Gamma set to 2.2 and TruMotion to Natural - Sound is set to Cinema mode and Optical+Internal TV Speaker No AI features are turned on and TV is connected to internet via ethernet cable. I have set-up box connected to the TV, a laptop, both with HDMI, and streaming with Serviio over dlna. Now the issue. On 3rd-4th day the TV started crashing only while watching from the set-up box. The picture will freeze, some times a high pitch noise appears, the TV is unresponsive. This goes on for 10-20 seconds, the TV turns off by itself and after 5 seconds it is turned on. Sometimes it does it once and not again, sometimes there is a day without doing it, sometimes does it constantly one after another unless i change the channel, or change from set-up box to DLNA for example. I changed HDMI ports, i changed HDMI cables - no effect. I thought it is something in the signal from the set-up box (sometimes it is very low quality, or whatever else), but yesterday same thing happened while watching 2160p movie from DLNA. You can see what happens here: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZfgAUkZD9pEpRCcIzHea96Ne8mLJQGDcCkV&fbclid=IwAR1kmORoDe_RoWYLvbp1oo41B09mW_yI1--PkWxrNCOh8EDMT7DeGQQyqLQ The video on my cloud is only 2 minutes, but in reality this went on for about 7-8 minutes until i changed from set-up box to DLNA. Just the video was too big and had to cut it. Thank you!
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