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  1. I have two identical QLED tvs. Around the same time, the Amazon Prime Video buttons on both remotes fail to launch the app. A narrow blue line just momentarily appears on the bottom of the screen. When selecting the app though the remote home button and selecting the app off app line on the screen, the app functions fine. On one of the sets, I re-installed the app but the problem persists. Since identical problem is exhibited on both sets with different remotes, it would seem that it is not a defective remote issue. Perhaps bug was introduced in a WebOs update since it started happening on both sets around the same time. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?
  2. I have two LG OLEDs. I have given each a name in the WebOS. Occasionally when a TV is powered on, I am first requested to enter the TV name along with the dialog to enter text with the on screen keyboard. I can enter anything and it is accepted and I get past that screen and then normal operation follows. This happens on both TVs albeit only occasionally. It is a real nuisance when this happens and I see no need for this. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there a solution to disable this behavior? Is there some setting that I have missed? Thanks, Bobby
  3. When selecting Amazon Prime App to watch another Bosch episode I got an alert of an error had occurred. Since then, every time I open Amazon Prime the TV goes to the current Bosch episode page and all links on that page do not respond.

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