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  1. I tried with voice command but it says " Current status of your tv doesn't support this time machine function"
  2. My tv model is lg 43UK6780PTE. My smart tv is new model and it is still under warrant
  3. I don't have Time Machine" app in my smart TV. Please let me know how to install Time Machine" app
  4. I don't have "Time Machine" app in my TV. I have even attached 1TB portable harddisk
  5. Ah! now I understand what you are trying to do. I don't think you can record via HDMI. If you are using a TV box e.g Vodafone or Sky or something similar, you should check if it's supports live recording. Do you know any another way of recording (Legally or Illegally). Please let me know... My LG Tv is SmartTV and I think recording should be possible on Smart TV's
  6. I am not able to record live TV which is connected through HDMI 3. Even i have connected USB. The error it gives me on recording is "SIGNAL NOT SUPPORTED"
  7. If its live TV and you have a USB connected to your TV, then you should be able record on it. USB is connected to my TV... But on recording it says signal not supported and recording stops
  8. Is is possible to record live tv which is connected with HDMI cable
  9. please permit to record screen through hdmi.
  10. Please add some good apps for India
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