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  1. So far all is well. No out of memory bug watching hdmi input and using ARC
  2. Can I confirm that nobody is having issues with Out of memory when ARC is enabled and they are simply watching a HDMI input using 05.00.15? In addition can anyone confirm the above true for 05.00.20?
  3. It was with previous versions on my 50LB650. With 4.45.25 I have installed now it's OK. I use ARC so it's important it works for me rather than just turn it off
  4. Can anyone confirm the ARC out of memory bug is not present with this official update?
  5. I used this app to delete the audio track I did not want.
  6. That is pretty much how I use mine. TBH I didn't buy it for the smart features just the nice large screen and 3D capability. I use a Virgin Media TiVo for my TV so it just gets turned on straight to HDMI 2 and gets left like that with the only input being volume changes. That said I still get app closure errors on 5.10.02 and did on versions previous to 04.45.25. It's all down to ARC I have setup using SIMPLINK on HDMI 1. Turn SIMPLINK off and no problems anymore but like I said for the time being I am sticking with the working version.
  7. Updated my 50LB650 to version 5.10.02 yesterday and the dreaded "out of memory" force close reappeared when watching a HDMI output and using simplink. Roled back to 04.45.25 and all is well again.
  8. Interesting. I had to stop using ARC over HDMI because when I had SIMPLINK on and after a few hours of the TV being on it would close my TiVo box's HDMI connection with an 'out of memory error'. Now with the update all is well.

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