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  1. I've been having this issue for several months now. After using Netflix for a while, the app will stop buffering and get stuck at 25%. I've been experimenting for a while now and have noticed a few details. As far as I can tell, it seems to be related to the operating system, WebOS. Here's me really hoping this is not a hardware issue. Google "lg webos netflix problem" and you will see A LOT of people complaining about this. Here's what I found. 1st) In my case, the problem only happens to our LG WebOS, model 47LB6500. All other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, all the way to Samsung smart TVs... no other device has the same issue. 2nd) It DOES NOT appear to be related to internet provider stability. I'm on a fiber optic cable with 40Mbps UP/DOWN symmetric speeds. Every other device keeps its connection normally, except WebOS+Netflix. 3rd) It is also NOT related to a weak WiFi signal. The router is a mere 3ft away from the TV without any walls in between. Other devices get a relatively weaker signal across walls and continue to work normally. 3rd) Even though the issue presents itself by using the Netflix app, it DOES NOT keep itself isolated to it. The software developer in me feels like ruling out Netflix's blame on the issue. It's strange how no other app will cause the problem, but once it happens, the entirity of WebOS loses connectivity. YouTube, web browser and all other apps are also unable to reach out. Closing or killing apps from memory makes no difference. 4th) While in this state, TV settings will NOT work properly. Under "Network > WiFi", trying to wipe out the current network settings and reconnect to the router WILL FAIL. Once the WiFi credentials are wiped, the TV is unable to reconnect to the same router. 5th) The only solution is to turn the TV set entirely OFF and ON again. It only takes a minute, but it will brutally murder your Netflix experience. Recently, it's become unbearable. We are unable to watch a single 25min episode without eventually bumping into the 25% buffer of death. I'm really hoping for a solution via software update. I can't tell exactly which version started, but we never had the issue until after a couple of firmware updates.
  2. go to settings > option > scroll down to mode setting and check if it is 'store' or 'home' mode > change to home mode Mine was already in "home" mode. Definetly a hardware issue in my case.
  3. It's difficult to tell, but in my case it was definitely a faulty hardware. They replaced the board inside and it works like a charm now.
  4. Glad to post an update. I managed to take my unit to a local LG tech support, and got it fixed under warranty without any costs. After a week in the shop, I finally got it back and the result was the same as millski's. A faulty main board causes the AV input to short circuit. I had a brief talk with their technician, and he told me their diagnosis tool kept indicating the AV input was always ON, even though there is nothing connected to it. They replaced the main board and it's back to normal. Been watching it for a couple of hours now and no popups have come up at all. Thank you all for the feedback. I hope this thread helps other people with the same issue.
  5. That's great news. I'm preparing mine to be taken to away for repair as well. This might take a couple of months, due to my schedule. I will post updates when I get it done.
  6. I never solved it. It's still there. As posted by others here, this seems like a hardware issue. I have to get around myself and drag the TV to a local LG assistance. Thanks for the help, all of you.
  7. Just a final comment. I just realized the image links I provided are not working from outside my google account. There is a public folder with these images. So, if anyone is interested: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6a0F9LTIZ88TmxjUDBxdXZZSXc&usp=drive_web
  8. Yes, I did this today. I did a factory reset and reconfigured the TV for Internet access. In fact, I plugged off the Sky box and connected an USB external hard drive with a couple of movies. After a few minutes playing movie from the USB drive, popups once again reappear. It's good to note that at this point, there is nothing else connected to the TV except for the USB external hard drive. There is no signal from any HDMI or AVI input. But, popups still appear as if something has been plugged into the AV input. Anyway, I really appreciate the time. Thanks everyone. But I guess I'll be stuck with these popups for a while.
  9. There is no such option in the Sky box configuration. Not that I can find. There is an option in the TV settings to control the Sky decoder from the LG universal remote, but that's also disabled. Also, regarding Keith Flavell's post, Simplink is already turned off. Turning it on or off makes no difference.
  10. I've had an LG 47LB6500 for about five months now. I love the TV and it's great. Except one thing that I find irritating is a constant AV input popup that keeps reappearing over, and over, and over. While watching any content from any input, the popup appears. This image is one example of it, inside the Netflix app. The only device plugged to the TV is an HDMI Sky HDTV Set Top Box, and there is nothing plugged into any AV input. WebOS seems to enter some variable loop, displaying several of these popups in sequence. Often, the number of popups is such, that the TV will freeze trying to show all of them. I can only assume a lot of its CPU is being used to render them. The TV will become unresponsive until all popups disappear. The annoyance may last a couple of minutes, but it happens everytime the TV is turned back on. From the input configuration screen, I can see the AV input is active. And I can try and remove it from the list of inputs. Once it's removed, the popups are gone. But once the TV is turned off and back on, WebOS will scan for devices and these empty AV inputs are back on the list... and the parade of popups will follow. As a user, I have to consder this a bug. And it's a very irritating one. These popups cover subtitles and seem to show up minutes after the TV is turned on. Please provide a fix with a firmware update or, at least, provide a workaround to make it stop. Kind regards! Julio

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