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  1. No Still Same Issue with All Previous Updates I Still Waiting to fix this issue
  2. Hello Every body I Have Only One Issue with my Smart TV 47LB6520 (with Smart-share App in my TV) when i play from my USB (connected directly) 3D Move with 3D Subtitle File I'm already tested it on My Laptop is Not Working on my LG Smart TV . Only one File working with .SRT File is .ASS but working in 2D View ???!! any body know about this issue ?? how can i fix it ?? Many Thanks for your Support ======================== TV Model : 47 LB6520-TB Software Version : 5.00.04 ========================
  3. Friends, I faced this issue (Symlink not working with my PlayStation 3 )after update to final version 04.62.50 what can i do now ??? Thanks and regards
  4. Many Thanks Guys My TV Now Updated TV: 47LB6520-TB (From Egypt) FW: 04.62.50 Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
  5. I have one Question for this steps , If the TV starting the update and the Power is Down what well happen ?? can i start upgrade again Or TV will now Power On again ??
  6. Can you Support me with 3D Subtitles (idx/sub) is not Supported from Smart-share app on my TV
  7. Many Thanks for your Support I already Downloaded this Update after day one from released on LG and i will update it Tomorrow and feed back you Thanks again my Bro
  8. upgrade through USB is this safe way ??? also I Asked Customer Support and Only the Answer is Just Wait and Check Every Day through My TV :D this is my model on site is available same of Software Version http://www.lg.com/africa_en/support-product/lg-47LB6520-TB
  9. I'm 47LB6520-TB and this update is available for my model ONLY ON LG Site How can I Update it which is not available through check's from TV !!
  10. this is my only problem with LG 47LB6520-TB can any one advice me what can i do
  11. How Come ( My TV also from Middle East same model number but in 47 inch and my Software is Old Version : 04.61.36 , 47LB6520 ) and i can't find a new Update ???? !!!

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