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  1. Dear @LG tv Please add this feature. It will rock!
  2. No, you wanted a unicorn 🦄 and forgot they don't exist. A TV is called "TV" for a reason (whatever qualification you put in front of it). Otherwise the would have called it PC-with-superb-monitor. And unfortunately you show the distinct sign of someone who expects current day products to be perfect and flawless. Every product can break down and has its drawbacks. Plasma, LCD, OLED, CRT.... All screens existing have a tendency to burn in, some sooner then the other and individual cases differ as well.
  3. Nope. AFAIK it is not possible. Most probably due to different hardware requirements. Just like not every older PC can run Windows 10 (memory, cpu requirements).
  4. Depends on the USB connection used on your TV. Is it 2.0? That could explain, USB 2.0 does have enough bandwidth for data transport, but also requires processing power from CPU inside the TV. The issue with your switch is a different thing. Perhaps your network gets choked by broadcast storms... But you need to do some signal sniffing to really find out.
  5. You have a TV 📺. Not a PC. Will never work. The TV Browser supports basic we browsing very well, but not collaboration software that requires additional plugins. It doesn't run Office either. Like I said... It's not a full blown PC. It's a TV.
  6. A TV is meant for providing an image on a screen. LG is the best for that. If you want to play with apps, get a tablet or pc and mirror your screen. Or even use your phone. Don't expect a car to fly.
  7. You could invest in an anger management course.... Or start thinking about solutions. Like selling it on Ebay 😊 Why not just describe your issue. When you want to store movies or something like that, an external hard drive or external USB storage device is the right option. Not an internal HDD, that won't fit anyehete... Maybe you mixed up internal /external... Who knows.
  8. Yes, 2018 model. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G986B met Tapatalk
  9. Again, what kind of updates would be expected? If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
  10. My E8 has a wireless AC connection achieving 650\866 Mbit. It streams high bitrate 4K flawlessly... Wireless. The first to give up processing is my Synology DS216, depending on the codec used in the source file. So don't blame the TV too quickly and do a proper analysis.
  11. In the manual it is explained how to turn wifi on on the sb.
  12. An OS update is not a box with Xmas presents. It would be more useful to specify which improvements or features you were expecting...
  13. I don't think that is compelling enough to add deprecated technology onto the WebOS platform (including the security issues of Flash) 😀
  14. Just as a reminder... It's a TV. Not a PC. You probably already have a phone emulating one 🙂 Better focus on getting the key features of the device right. And those are picture and sound.
  15. 5G Wi-Fi doing fine here, no issue after updating. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G965F met Tapatalk

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