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  1. Well that helped me quite a bit, so what should I do? Throw it in the Trash? 😆 Lol. I grew up in the 60s Tin foil on the rabbit ears and pliers on top of the set. TVs had to last a minimum 10 yrs. Ya know I don't even own a desktop or laptop. Because About 5 yrs ago I bought a higher. end Motorola E5 play. Cost me almost $500. I actually fell so in love with it. One day was cleaning said what do I need these "Old Dinosaurs" for? So I threw them in the trash. Was before I learned Android and Laptops/Desktops are NOT comparable. Lol 😂 which is why I'm so angry with my TV cause now can
  2. I currently ow n a 2016 (LG) webOS TV 6200 Now am finding out I have a "Fixed" Browser in my TV and it's becoming a Dinosaur. There are no avalanche updates I can find and now can't even load pages on certain websites. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? I can't do shit with this TV anymore
  3. Eddiez no I only have to invest in a sledgehammer then.... Problem solved forever. Lol 🤭 but yes I was confused with internal memory and external memory. Am learning, in humans memory is Memory. Am 57 and was on the planet before the computer age. But I am not bad. When I can show a 25 yr old girl how to work her Cellphone well I look at it as ACCOMPLISHMENT... All this VPN, IMEI, SIM, IMS, IP address... OMG like learning a new language. Thank God for Google
  4. So I just WASTED $50 trying to solve my internal memory loss problem. Was told by installing an Internal hard drive I would get more internal memory? Not the case at all. This TV is the BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT I EVER OWNED. I strongly advise any new purchasers to consider a different brand. I used to have an auto repair shop in NY. Always had a cordless cell phone. When they would give me trouble, I would wind up like a professional Major league pitcher, and practice my 100mph FASTBALL throw those phones against the wall !!! My worker would say, "That's smart, now you have to buy another
  5. I have an LG (web) OE TV model Number UJ6200 That's keeps losing memory. I read somewhere that I can install an external hard drive. Is this possible and if so can you please let me know hard drive make, model, and Mfgr.
  6. To anyone out there. I own an LG Smart TV. When I watch a Hi Def 1080i when I watch a movie or program. All the sudden the screen turns Gray, something about a memory loss and I have to reboot the program or show. It's a pain in the neck because it seems to happen the Climax of whatever I am watching. Then it's a problem to try to pick up where I left off.... Does anybody know if I can attach an external hard drive? I think I read someplace that I could do that???? If so, I do not want to buy the wrong hard drive, so if anybody has done it please tell me what brand, make an
  7. WOW I followed your instructions and now it's "Smooth Sailing" Thank you very much for your help. You are the 1st person I have encountered who gave advice that actually cured my Problem 👍 👌😊
  8. I have an older LG (OE) webtv. Maybe 2016-2017 this TV has such little memory I will be watching something esp HDef and it will just lose it all the sudden. I've been reading and they say install an external hard drive but I don't know which one is compatible does anyone have any idea? Also I used to get Pandora within the last 2 months it goes on but it doesn't load. I removed the app and reinstalled it and I can't figure it out

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