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  1. Totally agree. There are far too many apologists for LG on this forum prepared to put up with 3rd rate software on expensive LG TV's pretending to offer 'smart TV' functionality when in reality a cheap HDMI streaming stick or Android box will do a far better job at a tenth of the cost. Guess many people see the reviews from dealers and and others and believe a TV will actually do what the manufacturers claim but that is not their fault is it? Forums like this are either a 'sap' to keep LG/WebOS tech support calls to a minimum or total baloney because as far as I can see LG or the WebOS team take not the blindest bit of notice either way.
  2. Unfortunately the November YouTube update has made the memory restart issue worse than before, it now crashes more frequently if anything and still no adequate solution offered by LG or Google, My solution was to forget the flaky WebOS apps, installed a cheap Roku streaming stick and now enjoy zillions of apps including YouTube that all work perfectly.
  3. This problem with YouTube/WebOS has been seen for at least three years. Neither LG or Google are interested in fixing it or so it seems. Calls to LG Support are not helpful either. YouTube was updated the other day and the out of memory error is now more frequent than before! Suggest people buy Samsung or Panasonic instead of LG as even my six years old Toshiba has a better smart tv OS than this awful WebOS rubbish.
  4. Still getting the oft reported out of memory error with latest 2017 smart tv's running very latest WebOS and App updates. So annoying LG cannot fix this problem which as been ongoing since at least 2015.ti little more than trite suggestions to re-start the TV or remove unused Apps etc. Problem seems to be either insufficient memory installed to run WebOS apps properly or a major problem with WebOS ability to properly manage what memory there is. Combined with pitifull lack of USB ports quickly occupied with hard drive if recording and time machine functionality is required the 'smart' features seem poor compared to other manufacturers now.
  5. Seems to be WebOS is generally flaky in LG TV's. Most common error with Apps is the 'Restarting app to free up memory ...' error that has been seen for years on LG TV's - basically LG don't install sufficient memory to run WebOS apps properly.
  6. Try to manufacture 'smart tv's' with sufficient memory to actually run the WebOS apps you claim they can run without those apps crashing with 'out of memory....' errors. This has plagued LG TV's for years and LG still do nothing about it. Memory modules are really low cost items and 32Gb would be a minimum. This might also negate the necessity of having to use separate USB Hard Disk for basic recording and time machine functionality to work something other smart TV manufacturers managed to achieve years ago.
  7. Would seem LG TV's simply don't have sufficient internal memory to run these apps. Support is frankly useless and the only solution is to return the set for a full refund as no fit for purpose or put up with this. IMHO the sets are overpriced, have only average sound even through LG soundbar, flacky WebOS and standard definition broadcast TV is below average quality of picture. HD is slightly better and 4k video, when you can find it, nothing special either. Would not recommend or buy LG again. November: YouTube app for WebOS was updated but sadly the 'This app will now restart to free up memory...' error, which has been reported for over three years, continues to plague these poor TV's so I assume LG & Google are incapable of fixing the issue or simply don't care and LG certainly are not going to refund all their customers conned into buying this rubbish let alone send engineers round to install adequate hardware.
  8. Finally got a helpful response from LG who suggested a model HDD that should work, it was not different the two I first asked about but anyway I have now obtained a great little 1 Tbyte USB 2.0 HDD from a UK company on Ebay - it is a repackaged WD I believe under the HardDrives For You brand. It is plug n play and works perfectly first time with no formatting or set up needed - brilliant little device with nice bright blue connected light to illuminate the back of the TV. Tested with multiple scheduled recordings, live time machine etc. and last this LG TV does what they claimed when I bought it. Shame they couldn't manage to get it to work with a Flash Drive though.
  9. Noticed UK Freesat Satellite TV Guide does have a filter to view by Genre but the antenna Freeview guide does not have this feature/function - why not?
  10. Thanks Nemilose for your reassurance, I'll give it a go and post results.
  11. Make 2017 TV sets that have latest USB ports, at least 3.0 so it is possible to find a compatible USB HDD WebOS will work properly with. Install sufficient memory to run WebOS Apps without constant restarts or inform customers apps may not work properly. Put a clearly accessible filer by Genre choice from the main program guide (something Toshiba TV and others have had for many years on their EPG's). Going out of the main EPG into the limited snapshot guide then finding the sort by Genre option is clunky. A zoom function on the main EPG to show more than just a couple of hours ahead would be ideal as well. Even my £70 supermarket own brand TV can manage these simple functions so come on LG match up.
  12. Wonder if anyone might be able to suggest a suitable USB Hard Disk Drive for my LG 43UJ630V 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (2017 Model) I did ask LG support about why these TV's cannot record properly to USB Flash Drives and they just said it doesn't work - not what they advertise is it? They informed me the recording will work with USB Hard Drive but did not suggest any suitable models which given the TV's seot em to be using USB 2.0 and all available USB HDD now are at least USB 3.0 I would appreciate informed suggestions as to compatible models. The two I suggested to LG support were these which they state are not compatible. - Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive 2.5 Inch USB 3.0, HDTB310EK3AA - Seagate Expansion 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch So which models are compatible and why are LG using slow, years out of date, USB 2.0 in 2017anyway?
  13. I have exactly the same issue with my LG 43UJ630V purchased in August this year. Firstly very disappointed with the WebOS, lack of sufficient internal memory to run the 'apps' properly without constant restarts to 'free up memory' - no excuse for this really given memory is so cheap now. Anyway another major disappointment is the total inability of these sets to use USB Flash drives - LG claim this is due to the read/write limitation of said devices which is quickly exhausted by recording in HD/ 4k. Well all I can say is my six years old Toshibal could manage this faultlessly . The LG however sometimes records OK then other times the recording simply stops after a few seconds. Don't know if this is a 'power' issue or the almost new flash drive is now 'worn out' but whatever LG should either insure their products do what the advertising says or fix the problem. Concerning the 'restarting to free memory error' I did manage to get a call eventually from LG support tech who just stated these TV's are not like computers and cannot be expected to run their Smart TV Apps! Er, excuse me this was promised and is why I purchased the damn thing.
  14. If it suffers the same out of memory errors YouTube and other 'apps' suffer then not much point with this. LG need to fix the out of memory bug or provide all consumers with a free, at home, repair to install sufficient TV memory.
  15. Hi Andy, Thanks for the post with instructions to resolve this problem I have a LG 43UJ630V with this problem when watching YouTube so will give it a try. Would be helpful if LG could be bothered to fix this major software bug or at least reply to all the people who are posting about it. OK here are the results: Turned Off Quick Start: made no difference to faulting app YouTube. Uninstalled YouTube app and unwanted apps, turned off/unplugged TV & waited 15 mins then re-installed YouTube app: made no difference. YouTube app still restarts to free up memory halfway into whatever I am watching. Come on LG fix this please.