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  1. 43UJ750V uses software named with substring "m16p " while all the firmware you listed are "k3lp". I tried to install "k3lp" updates with greater version bet it didn't work. All those models have the last software update with version 5.80.15: You can get the 5.80.15 usb version here https://www.lg.com/uk/support/support-product/lg-43UJ750V For me this update is a no-go, it add issues to all wireless connection, from remote to wifi (especially on 5.0GHz connections), it's like a software bug since the entire OS become randomly unstable and unresponding, remote include
  2. any chance to get an update for 43uj750v ? current version (starfish-dvb-secured-m16p-611.dunggir.m16p-61106-05.80.15-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk) made the TV completely unusable outside onscreen controls: remote and wifi stop work randomly like there is a serious issue in the wireless connection, even after a factory reset.
  3. same issue wifi and remote control stop responding randomly since 05.80.15, model 43uj750v. the TV is now unusable outside manual control located on the bottom of the screen. revert to factory settings didn't help much, after a couple of days the TV become unusable again. LG software Q&A is disgusting.
  4. If you enable the DLNA server on Windows 10 (just search for "enable media streaming") and if your video is inside a folder which is part of video library collection (which you can manage it through explorer or better and easily through windows media player), you can directly play all the videos (of the format and with the codec supported by your LG TV) directly from your PC without any additional transcoding. The cast is needed only for device that cannot directly play from your PC. If you have some content that needs realtime transcoding, installin plex player (on lg tv) and plex server (on
  5. 43uj750V updated to 04.70.30. No release notes yet available. EDIT:
  6. You can see it when you ask the TV to check for updated firmware: http://www.lg.com/us/support/product-help/CT10000018-1430510575535-updating-firmware
  7. 43" 43UJ750V, updated today to 04.70.06 (04.70.10 available on the support site), Italy. Notes: looks like no major improvements at all for 2017 LCD models, no major bug fixed (no FLAC from PC/server play), got only an update for the YouTube application.
  8. If you have the magic remote, just push the "home" button.
  9. +1 for exFat: better support then NTFS (which is not meant for external storage devices!) from Os-X and modern Linux based OS.
  10. EDIT: where is the correct forum/site/portal/repo to report bugs? ORIGINAL: Yes, I understand that VOB subtitles are a different matter than FLAC playback from PC which looks more like a bug... Anyway, with version 03.60.15 I am unable to play some MKVs videos coded as follows: General Unique ID : 245174552607972083599873351013641244511 (0xB872E6B81EA4DB6190CBDC81E12C4F5F) Format : Matroska Format version : Version 2 File size : 490 MiB Duration : 24 min 26 s Overall
  11. Would be great to be able to display VOBSUB on MKV and MP4 videos.
  12. 3.5 looks great on 43uj750 but I cannot play FLAC from PC server connected in the home network, and VOBSUB support is a a big missing feature.
  13. I am unable to play or see any FLAC files from my PC connected in my home network. The Music application does not see at all any FLAC files in the server folders (runnning Windows 10 Pro)., MP3 works fine. Putting FLAC files on an external USB device (like an USB stic) works, but not network sharing. Any suggestions? Model: 43UJ750V Software: 03.60.15 (last version).
  14. Hi, I got the same issue with my new LG 43UJ750V: I cannot play any VOBSUB from any MKV files. I am also unable to play any FLAC audio music from my PC via wi-fi (FLAC files play just fine if played from external memory devices lick an USB memory stick). Files are streamed enabling multimedia stream (DLNA) server service from Windows 10 Pro. I installed the last version of the LG WebOS available on the LG support site (version 03.60.15) but both issues are still present.

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