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  1. Thanks for answering. 👍 No, I don't see anything wrong with the picture. It's more knowing that I did a mistake and can't fix it. And because of the global dimming issue with the 2018/19 OLEDs (especially with football), I consider selling the tv and I don't want to sell it with wrong values set in the service menu. I just hoped there were someone who know how to reset a value to default, in this case "0". BTW: I think/hope that H-PLL (Horizontal phase locked loop) is just a setting for analog video signal.
  2. Please? Is there someone who know how to get the values back to default? Tried "everything", but after changing from 0 / default, the only values you can choose is 1 - 100. 😢
  3. I accidently changed the value for the setting "H-PLL NTSC" to 1 in the Service Menu. It was on "0" before, but now I cannot change it back to "0". Only values between 1 and 100 are possible. Does anybody know how to change it back to 0? A factory reset or an Instop Reset didn't work. What is H-PLL? If I don't get the value back to 0, what should it be from 1-100? (I'm in Scandinavia if that matters ref PAL/NTSC)

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