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  1. @nemilose yes, LG supports Numato sensors; http://webossignage.developer.lge.com/api/harmony-api/v1-4-0/gpio/?wos_flag=setEventHandler#setEventHandler The purpose for our company to be using LG WebOS is exactly the support for external sensors.
  2. Hi! we just bough a Numato GPIO and since we have many Phidget sensors, we tried to connect some. Nothing worked, right now we are just using a simple button, connected to the IO 5 port. The board signals work like a sin function, without touching it, the board give "0" for 2 seconds, then goes up to "1" for another 2, then goes back to "0", and it is in this loop for ever. This loop also happens with the analog reads, looping from 0 to 1023 to 0 and so on. I noticed the button works only when the board is giving "1", which makes sense since the circuit is broken. I attached an image with a graph showing how it's working and a video with the reads from the board. VID_20191107_101035.mp4

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