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webOS Auto

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Discussions about webOS integration into car and truck infotainment systems as webOS Auto and other integrated systems.

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    • That could be As the Xbox one and one s use a Dolby Vision standard that is not compatible with my 2016 OLED. But my Apple TV 4K outputs Dolby Vision at 60hz and Dolby surround 5.1 just fine in Disney + as I tested it last night. So I am giving up on the app on the tv for now and switching to the Apple TV for my D+ use. 
    • Probably Disney+ is using the newest audio format of DD+ and your audio system does not support this format. 
    • It seems like LG has deserted us owners of "old" Pre 2016 very Expensive OLED TV's. No update to webOS 2.0 to get Disney plus. This is Total BS!! I am awaiting delivery of my Xbox 1S, to get Dolby Atmos with Netflix and also  Disney +  with full capability. Thanks for nothing LG!!
    • I have an issue with my otherwise great oled. if i watch certain freeview channels - such as now 90s, essentially any of the freeview channels which are delivered as streaming rather than over the air, the screensaver activates after a few minutes even though i am seeing a moving image and hearing sound. seems the tv thinks it's showing a static image rather than an internet delivered tv channel. does this happen with all lg oled televisions? - anyone care to turn on a channel such as now 90s to confirm:? - during the portion of the day when the channel is broadcasting over the air all is fine. thanks in advance.
    • We have tried to play DRM content on LG web OS,using the document provided on the website but we haven't succeeded yet. Could you please have a look in to this suggest us. Note:-we have tried with Play ready License token with HLS url and .mpd,but fails to play.
    • http://beetvapk.buzz
    • That has absolutely nothing to do with what we've been talking about. Our ARC channels are fine and output surround sound, just not when using Disney+. But then you'd know that if you even read the topic of this thread.
    • i had a similiar issue while playing  sound through HDMI ARC. Below  notes might help you guys.   hi, Friends, i have finally fixed the HDMI ARC issue. Apparently some people also had the same issue and couldnt figure out whats wrong. After reading through AVSForums, I finally understood that LG had a bug in HDMI operation as well.. The problem happens when your TV is already sending sound through HDMI ARC to a AVR and you try to connect additional sources like dth or blueray player to additional HDMI ports of TV and AVR. Once you add additional sources, you might try to use LG's device connector setting to control the device and this is where HDMI ARC stops working. Solution: disconnect all hdmi ports of TV and AVR. Full reset TV and AVR. Only Connect HDMI ARC port of TV with HDMI ARC OUT of AVR. Enable ARC feature on both TV and AVR. Open LG TV internal app, and check if sound is coming properly to AVR. Now you Connect All additional sources to other HDMI ports of TV and nothing should be connected to AVR. You may use LG device connector setting to configure the magic remote to control them. MY current setup of TV: HDMI 1: Airtel DTH. HDMI 2: ARC connected to Denon AVR 1500H. HDMI 3: ACT Television(Using this to play hotstar premium content as LG inbuilt APP is not playing it) Good news: LG magic remote can control all 3 devices seamlessly and thats a great ease for customers. I shall appreciate LG for this.

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