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  1. As @Siyabonga Tshabalala said. Download and install LG ThinQ app on your mobile from the Playstore then you could connect your TV to your mobile and control it through them.
  2. No. The Logitech c930c webcamera is not supported on LG WebOS yet. I will update here when it becomes supported on the WebOS platform.
  3. As you can see from the below link that the XorVod has not updated its app since 2018. http://xorvod.com/2018/12/04/xorvod-lg-webos-app/ You will have wait some time to get an update from XorVod.
  4. The WebOS platform of LG is severely unattended. The updates are not released on time. You have to wait until Voot itself provides an update for their app on the WebOS platform.
  5. There have been recurring issues about LG products recently. If they are listening, I would tell them that they should focus on making all the necessary apps available on their Web OS platform or they should switch to Android OS for TV and other devices. I have found many LG owners that are not satisfied with the new web OS enhancements.
  6. It seems they have now added the apps mentioned by you guys to the play store of the WebOS. I haven't checked them out yet. I will wait until you guys talk whether you got any real value from the product.
  7. Yes, it is true. LG TV don't support any cameras except LG cameras. It is a shame, LG should change this behaviour or they would loose customers.
  8. It seems you did not link to the post by LG but by a third player. But the CES 2020 got cancelled so how are you going to know what are the features of the new soundbars and are they even available in the market. They seem nice and it would have been better if we actually got a chance to view them in real.
  9. Any Bluetooth headphones would work with device. Though I suggest you buy LG bluetooth headphones only. They would integrate with your LG TV nicely.
  10. I have a LG TV and I am waiting for them to launch HBO MAX on LG TV as well. Until then i would use the Screen mirror option to mirror the video on TV. I hope they come out with an app for LG Web OS TV as well. But mirroring does not give good experience on the TV. The audio and Video get cut sometimes and the they mismatch each other as well.
  11. This seems to be a bug in every LG TV. I see that some members have been advised by the LG technicians to reset the PC. Does that solve the issue? If yes, then only I will try it on my TV.
  12. Sometimes, the problem is the root cause. Have you checked if the subtitles display ok on other system like a computer? If the subtitle file is corrupted then the subtitles are not displayed on the system. In short, Check the audiovisual file and the accompanying subtitle on different computer and tell us the results.
  13. I have the same suggestion. Try finding out what is wrong with the file system by running a file checker using Windows. If Windows cannot check the drive then it means the filesystem on the drive is not Windows compatible. Connect the drive to a Linux system and see what is the file system of the drive and how you can alter it or correct it.
  14. It seems that the OS burned into the ROM of the TV has these bugs. As you stated there is no option but to wait until the bug is patched. in the meantime, have you tried connecting a keyboard to the TV and entering the Account and password from there?
  15. As WebOS would is a barebone operating system, it would be easy to fork it for the purpose of handling a car. You need not focus on the GUI as there is not much interaction between the user and the car. Also more effort would be put on the algorithm to control car dynamics like the Air-fuel mixture and the braking system etc. I am eagerly waiting for it.

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