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LG UN 7350 PTA auto Wifi connection is takes approx. 4 minutes to WIFI router/hotspots

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Hi All,

Purchased LG UN 7350PTA 43 inch tv 7 days back. 

Steps for reproduce

1. Configure TV WIFI with WIFI router

2. Turned off TV

3. Turned on TV

4. Takes approx. 4 minutes to auto connect WIFI, at that WIFI searching time, i did not even seen any WIFI name, it populated  all WIFI available after 4 minutes.

Contacted LG Customer care, He told it takes  4 minutes to connect WIFI. nowadays Mobile phone is takes approx. 30 seconds  to connect WIFI. 

Note: tried with mobile hotspots, it is same behavior. it could be SW issue from LG TV. Reset TV 2 times but no luck

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Hi, Yes, mine issue resolved after setting DNS server. You can try at your end and check it is working for you. This LG web os issue. I think they will fix soon. I already reported t

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@Vijay Kumbhani If you check your smart phone WiFi "bars" in the room where the TV is located  (NOT the phone network signal bars), does the strengh look "good" (i.e. all arc lines), or just a couple highlighted?

Is the TV using a 2.4GHz band, or a 5GHz band?  Which is the best/strongest signal in the TV room?  What channels are those bands using (log into the router, go to config -> WiFi -> advanced settings to check). If on defaults (say 1 and 100), change them to channel 8 for the 2.4GHz, and 36 for the 5GHz, and ensure that the SSID names are 8 characters or less, with NO special characters in the name.

The router make and model would be useful to know.

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Thanks for reply,  I given remote support to LG customer care executive. They said setting are fine and good. They said it takes approx. =~ 4 minutes to connect Wi-Fi, that answer is not valid.  explained LG customer care, can check wifi on your smartphone, it takes less than 1 minute to connect. 

I observed few things, One TV power on, I  went to Connection  -> WIFI Connection, it shows cursor stuck even didn't turned off WIFI at that time, I will need to wait approx. =~ 4 minutes after that I will change WIFI settings. I think, This is Web Os Bug.  

Is the TV using a 2.4GHz band, or a 5GHz band? 

I think 2.5 GHZ

Which is the best/strongest signal in the TV room?


BTW, attached Image


WhatsApp Image 2020-12-11 at 10.34.54 AM.jpeg

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I think actually I found issue, it looks like web os SW issue.

Open Netflix on Tv after TV on. But Netflix is playing video after 30 seconds at that time Network WIFI option is in waiting for connect to internet. 

Rest of all apps except Netflix working.

Once Network WIFI option show connected to internet after that all apps work.


It looks like, rest of the all apps is checking network status of Web OS SDK.

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@Vijay Kumbhani The picture does no really show us anything, other than the TV settings UI is waiting. Did you check with your smartphone as requested in my previous post, to see the strength of the WiFi arc/bars ICON at the top of your phone, when near the TV? Do you know if the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz WiFi bands are using the same SSID name, or have different names on your router? Some routers have them the same, which makes it difficult to know which band you various devices are connected to. The signal strength   by the TV would be useful to know . How far is the TV from the router by the way?

If you have a Windows 7 or 8.1, or Windows 10 laptop, download the excellent utility from NIRSOFT, called WiFiInfoView, that will give you details of ALL reachable WiFi routers and SSID names "near" you. Of course the strongest signals are going to be the ones from YOUR router, and even if the SSID names are the same for both bands, this utility will show your both, and the strength and quality of the signals for both bands. It is also useful to find if your neighbours routers are using the same channels, so you can check your router, log in and change the channels to ones with less interference (see my earlier post reproduced below for suggestions on that).

link hidden, please login to view

NOTE: the download link is about three-quarters of the way down the page. When downloaded, unzip the ZIP file into its own empty location, then double-click on the .EXE file inside your newly created folder for that program.

In case you missed it, here is my previous recommendation to follow, and suggested WiFi channel numbers to try. Also, if yo have a very old router, that could be your issue (e.g. an N600), so please post the make and model of your router).

"If you check your smart phone WiFi "bars" in the room where the TV is located  (NOT the phone network signal bars), does the strength look "good" (i.e. all arc lines), or just a couple highlighted?

Is the TV using a 2.4GHz band, or a 5GHz band?  Which is the best/strongest signal in the TV room?  What channels are those bands using (log into the router, go to config -> WiFi -> advanced settings to check). If on defaults (say 1 and 100), change them to channel 8 for the 2.4GHz, and 36 for the 5GHz, and ensure that the SSID names are 8 characters or less, with NO special characters in the name.

The router make and model would be useful to know."

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@Vijay Kumbhani Are you saying that by changing the DNS server to fixed your slow WiFi startup? 

If your router DNS service is set to that ( primary with as secondary DNS server), then the default in the TV would be to use the routers setting, that should use what the router is using anyway.

The automatic settings leave it to use your ISP DNS services, which is not always the most secure or safest thing to do.  If you are saying that the default setting in the TV is slow (and you have your router already set up for,4,4,4), but using in the TV DIRECTLY (i.e. specifically defining it there) stops the slowness issue, then that is definitely a buggy situation with the LG TV WiFi  DNS usage and operation.  Unless of course you have some unusual or special advanced DNS settings in your router, or you have IPV6 services enabled, or an IPV6 server setup (not normally necessary for Home Networks).

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