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55UB850T-TA model is still in WebOS version 1.4.0 (afro-ashley)

Ravichandran S


My TV was bought in 2014 55UB850T-TA with WebOS TV version 1.4.0-2337 (afro-ashley). 

I recently purchased the Disney hotstar subscription. But in the above version the LG content store does not show the Hotstar

As per the news in this link we are eligible to upgrade to WebOS 2.0. But the automatic updates does not say it as WebOS 2.0 but still WebOS 1.4

link hidden, please login to view

Why this discrimination for old users of LG TV? How will I install new apps in this TV?

Please help.



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@Ravichandran S I have the same model, and mine too, and it is is stuck on that "2337" release of the WebOS.

I note that the article you quote is dated 2015. Although updates may provide security updates, and changes to the "apps" side of things, I believe that the internal hardware to provide feature capabilities in the mainboard (e.g. HDR and other stuff), do not support what WebOS 2.0 and above might need to work.  If there are others on this forum who are more knowledgeable, please chime in with more precise reasons/info.

The latest firmware on the LG site is still only the July 2019 version "starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2337-05.05.90-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk" inside the ZIP file.

NOTE: If you do NOT have this, note that the download will result in just a file called "software" with no file-type extension. I would suggest you right-click and rename it to "LG_UB_FIRMWARE_050590.zip" so your PC can then unzip it, so you can copy the file to a USB stick if you need it.

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Thanks for the information. What I understand from your response is that WebOS2.0 usage needs a hardware upgradation for 2014  4KUltra LED TV models of LG. 

However, I can see Netflix, Amazon Prime still in this model at WebOS1.4 (afro-ashley). So, what isthe reason that Disney+Hotstar is not coming in the LG content store for this model of TV?

I raised a complained at the customer service on Saturday *19th Sep* and I was told that someone from LG service India will call me to hear my issue and may be visit my house. No one called in 48 hrs.

We bought such an expensive TV to learn now that Android version of TV would have been ideal rather than Linux version based WebOS where support is not seen.

No body will respond here was my guess and thanks at least you responded.



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It is up to the content provider, in this case Disney, to write an app that supports your television.  If a content provider decides that it is either quicker, cheaper, unfeasible or easier not to support earlier versions there is sadly nothing that LG can do about it.

Producing an app for webOS is arguably easier to do than for Android, but it does rely on the content provider's systems being compatible.  Hotstar is one content provider who took steps to produce an app only after modernizing their systems, but they still only support later versions of webOS.

If you want the apps you have mentioned a ROKU would probably be your quickest way of getting them without the expense of purchasing a newer TV.

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Mr. Ravichandran, I share your pain and grief as I was a loyal LG customer for good 6 years. I have 3x  65" UHD LED TVs from LG as I always felt them to be very reliable and has good support until I moved to India. No support, no apps and it was like a dumb TV now. So, What I did was to buy Amazon FireTV Stick 4K for all my TVs and one Amazon Fire Cube 4K. It allowed me to download all sort of apps, has great features and very convenient to use. I totally ignored that my LG TVs are actually smart as they lack apps and upgrades usually available on other brands.

With the above experience, I ditched LG Brand this time while buying a New TV... and bought a Sony 75" 8K OLED TV. I did not even bother to look at LG. Although OLED panels are built by LG only but due to my experience with LG  (not)SMART TV app support, I preferred Sony with (Moded) Android OS. It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS and it is stunning. It natively support all the usual apps and the OS response is fast too. One thing I dislike with Sony TV is the remote. It is old style bulky with lots of buttons on it. But it works like a charm. See the attached photo and video where I am using it for my display with all the windows and  Video on this beautiful High Res OLED TV.

So, in my humble experience, I would suggest you to buy the Amazon FireTV Stick 4K and enjoy all the apps and a very responsive system as LG is not going to get you the popular apps or much required updates.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-03 at 3.21.19 PM.jpeg

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