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  1. Yea, the difference is that those Cheap Android Stick do work well and without mining these LG Tech Forums for some hints on how to make something work which is just so trivial in nature that rest of the world feels is to be natural to work. Like streaming apps and a browser. There is a reason why Proprietary systems fail... either be so good at it (e.g. Apple or Microsoft) or become non-proprietary like Android... If you are in the middle... You will go down sooner than later like Blackberry or Nokia. You may enjoy a fellowship for sometime, but eventually, the world has more Non-Techie
  2. well, I would have appreciated some thoughts or inputs as to what can be done to solve this issue rather than just a personal comment..!!!
  3. My experience with LG WebOS in a nutshell... "It SUCKS" and it sucks big time. I am a techie myself with lot of modding experience but when it comes to LG WebOS, I have given up as it is a black box and we are at the mercy of LG to push updates or to get any apps. So, I have forgotten that these are SMART TVs and installed FireTV Stick/Cube with each one of them... and I have 3 of them... lol. At least now my daily struggle with apps is over.
  4. well, I appreciate your response, the idea is to use the remote control for the purpose it is provided so that anyone in the house can use it. if you try the app, you will notice the lag and repeated disconnection... it is not something that you would expect from a remote control. So, after all there is NO More Magic with the Magic remote control...!!! Lol.
  5. Mr. Ravichandran, I share your pain and grief as I was a loyal LG customer for good 6 years. I have 3x 65" UHD LED TVs from LG as I always felt them to be very reliable and has good support until I moved to India. No support, no apps and it was like a dumb TV now. So, What I did was to buy Amazon FireTV Stick 4K for all my TVs and one Amazon Fire Cube 4K. It allowed me to download all sort of apps, has great features and very convenient to use. I totally ignored that my LG TVs are actually smart as they lack apps and upgrades usually available on other brands. With the above experience,
  6. I also moved from UAE to India and had same issue. To fix it, read on: I just did the same for my 2x 65" UHD Smart LG TV. The trick is to use the Service Remote Control for LG TV. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 500. From the Service Remote, Look for ADJ Button which is above the 4-way navigation buttons and left of "X Studio" button. At the password prompt enter 0413 as password. Now inside the ADJ Menu, you will see "Area Option" Select this and Enter "4816" as Area code for India. Press OK, Restart the TV and go to Settings. Settings-> General- > Location -> Ser
  7. I have the same issue. My LG 65" Curved UHD 3D TV i bought from UAE... I am not able to see the India specific apps in the LG Store. I tried to update the firmware but there is no firmware update either. How do I change the Country remains an issue for me too.
  8. Airplay is NOT supported by LG WebOS or for that matter most of Android/Linux Smart TVs. You need a 3rd party streaming apps on both devices if you want to stream it. Let me warn you... the quality is useless and you will be very dissatisfied with the result. Get Apple TV if you really want to use AirPlay extensiely.
  9. Well, I have tried at least a dozen of them... from cheap $4 to $25 USB dongles but none was recognized by the LG WebOS. My Magic Remote stopped working on my TV and then I tried other remote from my other LG Smart TV, realized that its not the remote but the Built in Bluetooth Receiver has conked off. So, been trying all sorts of Bluetooth dongles including some claimed to work on LG TV, still no luck. LG Support is not much helpful either with it. I get the same reply to change the remote...!!!
  10. Dears... I got a LG 65UH6030 TV that has a buit in Satellite tuner. However, when I am trying to locate SES 7 at 108 degree East, I do not see that satellite in the list. I need to add this satellite so that I can tune this Satellite for my TV to get the channels. Any help on how to add to the existing list of Satellites will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Rajeev
  11. First reset your TV to initial settings by Going to Settings->General->Reset to Initial settings. Then check for any new firmware update for your TV.. currently WebOS 5.30.10 is most current on my LG TV Then select the Manual Tuning mode, select Satellite and you should be able to change the satellite or add/delete the ones listed. Hope this helps.
  12. I am having an updated WebOS for my LG 55" UHD SMART TV. I am having problem with my Media Library refresh. The SmartShare app on the TV keeps showing all the Videos/Movies which no longer exist on my network. When I use Device Connector however, and select only the Plex Media then I see the available Movies correctly. How to refresh or clear the Media Library on the TV... any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Rajeev.

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