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  1. @td47 Thanks for the information. What I understand from your response is that WebOS2.0 usage needs a hardware upgradation for 2014 4KUltra LED TV models of LG. However, I can see Netflix, Amazon Prime still in this model at WebOS1.4 (afro-ashley). So, what isthe reason that Disney+Hotstar is not coming in the LG content store for this model of TV? I raised a complained at the customer service on Saturday *19th Sep* and I was told that someone from LG service India will call me to hear my issue and may be visit my house. No one called in 48 hrs. We bought such an expensiv
  2. My TV was bought in 2014 55UB850T-TA with WebOS TV version 1.4.0-2337 (afro-ashley). I recently purchased the Disney hotstar subscription. But in the above version the LG content store does not show the Hotstar As per the news in this link we are eligible to upgrade to WebOS 2.0. But the automatic updates does not say it as WebOS 2.0 but still WebOS 1.4 https://www.techhive.com/article/2978862/lgs-2014-smart-tvs-to-get-a-free-update-to-webos-20.html Why this discrimination for old users of LG TV? How will I install new apps in this TV? Please help. Thanks, R

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