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5 hours ago, Thinakaran Thina said:

Why hostar app is not available in lg smart tv ? 


The reason a Hotstar app is not available for LG webOS is because they, Hotstar, have not yet release one.   Generally speaking LG themselves do not produce apps for the eco-system, in much the same way that Google and Apple do not create all the apps available on their respective platforms.  If you want a Hotstar app then it is they that you have to request it from.  If you look through the forum the issue of a Hotstar app has been raised before an someone has quoted that Hotstar has said they were working on one due for release (I think from memory) in April 2018, but as yet it has not appeared in the app store.

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5 hours ago, Sudeep Sarkar said:

me too disappointed by LG for their inability of Hotstar in WebOS. A lot of low profile company include the best popular apps in their Smart tv, but LG is the 1st Category company in the world and the Smart TV is Unsmart for their consumer. It's very painful for the WebOS user. 

Please see my preceding answer.  The fault lies squarely with Hotstar who have said they will produce an app but do not appear to have done so.

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