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Pandora or Spotify apps need music


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On 1/25/2018 at 6:19 PM, Ryzex said:

I am new to LG, just bought my first  OLED-  I was expecting to be able to stream music either from Pandora, Amazon or Spotify-  Do any of these APPS exist in WebOS?


Do you or anyone have any recommendations?

Pandora works great in the web browser.  You can even pin the bookmark to the home page as if it were an app.  Amazon Music can only play the first track.  Report the bug to Amazon as they are looking at it.  The more bug reports the better. 

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, as for me, I will choose Spotify. Why? First of all, Spotify allows users to access its music library for free also. Besides, it offers a big music library that I can find all favorite music and playlists. 

Besides, I have a powerful

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that can help me download and convert Spotify files to all kinds of audio formats, like MP3, lossless FLAC, etc. In this case, I can listen to Spotify music on all devices with ease. So why not Spotify rather than Pandora. 

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I will vote for Spotify. Why? First of all, it offers a free streaming music service for users to access its music library for free only with a account. 

Secondly, there are so many professional tools for Spotify in the markets, such as , which allows us to

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 offline for free. So no need to charge but we can start to play Spotify music anywhere and anytime as we like. 

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As a big fan of Spotify, I often listen to music on Spotify. Once I was a premium user on Spotify for downloading Spotify music, but I found those downloaded files cannot be played out of Spotify. Then I google how to control music downloaded from Spotify and how to play them out of Spotify. Later, I installed a

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on my pc. Now, I could convert Spotify to mp3 through that Spotify music downloader and play them on any device and player anytime.

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Basically I listen to music on Spotify. But I can't find the app on my LG TV, nor other music apps. Luckily a friend of mine introduced me the

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 so that I can download Spotify songs to mp3 without Premium. I used a USB drive to load the downloaded songs to my TV and played offline, what a great experience.

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What year is your TV? I have a C7 and a Samsung that's a year older with really good spotify apps.  They even added an amazon music app at some point way after. But I have noticed some of the newer apps don't seem to make it. 

As far as TVs getting abandoned, I think it comes down to testing and support more than anything. Then secondary, a sales incentive for a new TV. The C7 to CX jump isn't that huge. 

I'd love a WebOS box. It's just so much better a TV OS and remote than anything Samsung, Roku, Fire TV have. I have all and I hate using anything other than WebOS. 


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