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Lip Sync Problem



Great picture but how to fix lip sync problem, only on ABC network channels, coming from Spectrum Hawaii?  Same cable box into my older Panasonic Plasma, using same HDMI cable: do NOT see lip sync problem.  What am I missing, or what is different coming in on the cable that bothers the LG set but does not   bother the Panasonic TV?

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I have the lip sync problem too and based on my search for an answer there are lots of people who have this problem.  The one workaround I have found is turning off the Dolby sound output from my directv box and changing it to PCM.   Of course this means I have no Dolby sound to go along with the beautiful picture, but at least the sound is not 5 seconds behind that picture.  It sure would be nice if someone from LG would post something about this, if not a solution then at least an explanation of the problem.

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Contacted Costco Concierge service AGAIN, finally got some action! They contacted LG Tech support (professional level tech support, not consumer level tech support?), they in turn contacted local TV repair shop, which I presume is under contract with LG and/or Costco. Technician brought proprietary hand held remote control (which required LG provided 4 digit pin to activate/log in to control my set. Changed an audio setting from something to PCM -problem solved. Wish that LG had provided the ability to change that setting with my personal remote.

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Woke up this morning to discover that I too have sound sync issues on my 8 month old LG 49SJ800V.  To say I'm unimpressed would be an understatement particularly considering that it's only the internal speakers I'm using and not some external source such as a soundbar. 

I Googled the issue and tried a number of tips, the most popular being fiddling with the AV Sync Adjustment. Upon adjustment the sound and picture will sync up but only for a few seconds before it loses sync again.  The problem is compounded by the sheer number of sound options and permutations required to be gone through in order to try and find a solution including software update enquiries.

I eventually waved the white flag and rang  LG Customer services. Long story short, I was advised to go to the 'General' setting and select 'Reset to Initial Settings'. I did as advised with all the brouhaha associated with setting up the TV from scratch again (internet settings, picture adjustment etc) and the problem appears to have been resolved - for now. 

Hopefully that's the problem sorted but if there are any unwanted further developments I'll post again. 

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