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  1. TV OLED48CX3LB Please, pretty please, make it possibile to listen at the same time through HDMI ARC and some other output that can feed an headphone. I have a wireless headphones system that has got both an analog and a digital optical input, yet I am forced to choose headphones or HDMI ARC, but not both. There is the option [Wired headphones + Internal speakers], but why should I prefer internal speakers over my 5.1 surround audio system? Ideally the audio output menu should be a checklist rather than a list of radio buttons.
  2. This is ridiculous, because the menu item says specifically "Bluetooth + Internal speakers", therefore it is a bug. On my OLED48CX3LB it works exactly as you expected. I'd rather have [Bluetooth + HDMI ARC] or [Wired headphones + HDMI ARC] or [Optical + HDMI ARC] so I could listen through the headphones and the digital amp at the same time, but LG in its infinite wisdom thinks otherwise. How on earth did they think anyone would prefer internal speakers over a proper 5.1 HiFi surround sound system?

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