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BBC iPlayer app constantly buffering/locking up



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9 hours ago, Jonos1 said:

Anyone have a problem with this app running on LG 4K TV?

iPlayer app constantly buffers or locks up

I switch to NOW TV box (not app) & can watch  iPlayer without an issue.

Also NETFLIX & other catch up apps  work without any buffering or locking.

Interested to hear your thoughts....

Not that I use BBC iPlayer a huge amount, but on the occasions I have, I have not had an issue with buffering, lock ups or the app crashing.

My TV = UH650V - webOS FW V. 04.30.40

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Sorry for the late response but I recently bought an LG TV and am seeing the same issue with the BBC iPlayer app.  Often it will pause with a black screen and the buffering animation; sometimes it will recover but other times it gives up with a "Something went wrong playing this programme" message and error code 02100.   Once it has given the error message the only way I can get it to work again is to completely exit the iPlayer and restart it.

I suspect a bug in the app.

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I have same problem with both my LG smart tvs

in bbciplayer choose a program it starts but i get

spinning wheel buffering then something went wrong

2100, but sometimes it works and can see program,

i think this is after a webos update as it has worked

very well on both tvs since i perchased them last year

i am on webos 5.40.

The bbciplayer app is very old from september 22 2017

so lets hope for an update soon.

Samsung had same problem with bbciplayer cured it with a

update december 2019.

So wake up LG please.

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bbciplayer app on lg smart tvs is very old September 22 2017

the app worked fine for 6 months and worked well until January

this year,now it just buffers, but some time it works, and no its not

my internet which is very stabile at 60 mbt. 

bbciplayer works fine on my ipad and pc.

also on lg tv i can see iplayer in the browser.


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