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  1. I too would like this option. Always have to think what is connected to 1,2 and 3. Glad I do not have more inputs!
  2. I speak under correction, but I think your most used apps appear first in the line of available apps so you dont have to scroll along to get your favourites. It learns your usage and most frequently used appear first. You can also "drag " with your magic remote. This has been my experience on my particular TV.
  3. Hi. I see you have had no replies after 2 weeks. This is a user forum only and LG does not care about all the frustrations ( including mine) with their product. I am not even sure they look at this forum. The old saying " caveat emptor" applies. LG browser ( OS) is useless and originally one used by HP a long time ago. As far as I can see, the only thing you can do is get your family a tablet and cast the image onto the big screen. I use a smart phone, iPad and PC's and I am disgusted with the outdated technology in the LG I bought a year ago. Wish I had done my research !
  4. Hi. I endured the problem for a while and reverted to viewing via my PC. Then one day it just came right. With the recent OS update to version 5, Youtube showed the menus in Eastern script - Korean?- and a few days later it corrected back to English. ( I live in South Africa and the Geo-locked to countries in sub Sahara). At the moment Youtube is working as it should. I do feel the LG store has nothing to offer.
  5. Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply. I am in South Africa. My TV is one year old model 49UM7340PVA Web OS 4.7.1 and besides Geo locked so I cant use a VPN, the Youtube app has been my view of the world. Broadcast TV is is useless and pay- for- satellite TV is expensive running dated programs repeated ad nauseum. I know it is a Users forum and LG take no notice of it. However, there are smart people out there who offer good advice. LG in SA are not any help or they cover up the issues to protect themselves. Had previous experience of this. The components are imported and assem
  6. The Youtube app has been working fine until Friday 27th November. Switched on as I do every day to see news, and have video but no sound. Did the usual switch off, unplug etc but still no sound Other apps work fine. I noticed there was an update to this app dated 22/11/2020 but my issue only started later. Have automatic updates "on". Is this a buggy update?
  7. Daniel, LG dont look at this forum, it is a user support group or rather a means of venting our frustration. The saying " Caveat emptor" has never been more appropriate when it comes to buying LG TV. However, there was no way of knowing this from the specs or shop display. I am also irritated by this message as I too do not connect to anything but the internet for Youtube and Netflix.. You have to complain to LG directly, not this forum, but I doubt it will get you anywhere. I have tried all the LIMITED settings and options available on the menu. Cant even invoke the screen saver qu
  8. Thank you George. That confirms my suspicions. So the other members can also stop stressing over this. Only thing is to use phone app and share screen, which I also found out is a mission, going through the menu system. But my phone gets hot when in use for prolonged time, so I dont do it.
  9. As far as I can ascertain, the DSTV Now app only works on iOS and Android. I cant get it to work on LG WebOS. I managed to download the app from LG Content Store. But it orders me to go to the DSTV website and put in a code that the TV gives me. When I go to the website and put in the code, it gives me the "sorry" message. Have given up.
  10. Thank you Siyabonga, but why have an app on the TV if it is useless? Have used phone but it is tiny for poor eyesight. Also battery goes flat qickly. We MUST put pressure on LG to improve their product. This is a new TV and have had so many issues with the low grade firmware.
  11. Yes but when I enter the code ( on the TV screen) the sign in button does not work. Surely I dont need a PC at all ? There I had to only fill in Email and password and Chrome saved it for each time I opened DSTV Now. I want to watch the same on my bigger screen TV via the app. But cant get past entering the code. Appreciate any help I can get esp since I am in isolation on my own.
  12. I have the same problem. Can use App on my PC but App on TV request a code to be inserted. Where do I do that? Also frustrated by everything being a mission to access on LG.
  13. Hear Hear, I agree... anybody want a 3 month old 49" TV ? An other fed up customer here! Incidentally, this is only a User Forum . LG don't look at this. So my gripes and every body else's goes into cyberspace.
  14. You cant. It defaults to a TV broadcast input EVERY TIME. I too do not have cable, dish or aerial input and only have internet input. Hate this TV that I wasted my money on. It is so frustrating and WebOS does not work intuitively. Its not Android or iOS so limited on apps. I cant use a private network as it will not take my manual settings. Would love to sell it and buy another make but will lose too much money that I cant afford. Even the HDMI takes over my HiFi control so disconnected it So many irritations that I just use it for Youtube like I do on a PC. Sorry, I too am fed up with LG
  15. Hi Zedric I have just picked up this post when browsing. I have similar gripes with LG. My story is a bit long for a non-typist but I do believe SA is being crippled by the built in Geolocation , Southern Africa. Bought 49" TV on 27 Nov 19, got marvelous internet by inputting my VPN. After 17 days, settings gone and could not be put in again. LG Cape Town changed the unit and the new one cannot input the settings either. Now I find out that I am blocked by Netflix AND Youtube from accessing certain videos that I can access on my PC using VPN. The internet is not "open". This als

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