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Sling TV app weaker on LG TV then on Roku



Disappointed in Smart TV.  Other than OTA TV through Tablo, most TV we watch is on Sling.  On the Roku app we can use the Sling DVR. But on the LG TVOS app, we can not.

I confirmed this with Sling and LG. Now when someone asks me about the TV I am tempted to suggest they get a UHD TV, but not bother with SMART.


Am I wrong? Something to be done?

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Year 2022.....Brand new LG C1 just purchased and Sling app on LG TV still not working properly.  Come on LG!  Fix this please!  😂

I can log in and watch my local OTA channels, but the DVR section is empty as well as scheduled recordings.

On my Roku and other devices like my PC, Sling DVR recordings show up properly.

LG.  How long do we need to wait to have this working?  😤

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On 12/30/2017 at 5:14 PM, slclemens said:

Not wrong.  I called Sling first when I couldn't record or even find the cloud dvr in the LG Sling app.  Sling told me they are working on it but it would be good to hear what LG is doing as well.

Flash forward to 2022, Sling TV still not working properly.  😷

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