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  1. I guess it depends what you want the DLNA functionality for. If you're browsing a photo library then I'd agree. In my case I just want to jump to my video library on the DLNA server, and I'm happy to drop a tile into the existing array of quick links. The pieces are all there, just needs a little code to make it functional. E
  2. It would be super handy to have the ability to create a bookmark (a tab on the home menu) to make it easy to return to any location on a DLNA server. It has taken weeks to discover the folder browsing option hidden in Smart Share, but it still requires drilling down through the nested folders to get to the good stuff. A bookmarking feature once you're in a folder would be awesome. E
  3. Just found another easter egg relating to the folders and DLNA. When using Smart Share you have to select ALL from the left hand menu, then an option to view by List or Folder appears. Choose Folder and you can drill down through your DLNA setup. Again, a bookmark to drop on the home menu having dug down into the right location would be gold. E
  4. Many many thanks pi314 This will help me actually use the TV, I would never have thought to dig through the PC connector to find a DLNA server. I even had to click through to wi-fi direct to find the DLNA server even though it's on the LAN. Very odd. I really really wish it was possible to bookmark the root folder for that DLNA server to avoid digging down through the layers in future. Pretty sure my wife will never remember the sequence. E
  5. Having had a few weeks to adjust to the 50LB6500 the slowness of the interface at startup and when pulling down the TV Guide is very frustrating. A single tuner in this model is a serious obstacle to usability. When you first turn on a TV the thing you most want to access is the guide, and you have to wait ages just to get the WebOS interface running, then wait even longer to see anything useful on the TV Guide. One thing that would make the TV Guide more useful is a function to scan through the channels and grab the broadcast information. The current implementation of the App makes you do this manually. That's not really a Smart TV, it's a Lazy TV. Can't you do better with the guide LG? E
  6. My last TV would recognise when a device becomes active on any HDMI port and automatically switch over to that port. Having to manually go and find the HDMI switch under WebOS is clunky to say the least. Would love to see a setting that allows for automatic switching to any HDMI device when a signal pops up. E
  7. I agree with the original complaint here. Having upgraded to what I hoped would be the a smarter way to access my digital content I find the Smartshare interface incredibly disappointing. The concept is great but the critical failure in the lack of folders to navigate through content. A lot of my digital content is just a file number inside a suitably named folder, and Smartshare tanks the folder making it impossible to find what you're looking for. It's like walking into a book store where all the titles have be dumped in a single massive pile and stripped of their covers. The inability to share content directly of MacOS to the Webos device compounds the failure. My old TV was far more effective to pull down and play content from the DLNA library. I'm hoping for a serious update to the SmartShare app, and soon. E
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