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Found 3 results

  1. Smart Share Questions

    I've just bought my new LG 43" UH668V I've installed the Smart Share software on my PC which is extermely Slow and painful to use. Does everyone get this experience? My PC is high end with powerful CPU and graphics + SSD hard drive. When I share my music folder the TV doesn't show all the folders and MP3's within it. It stops very short in the list (only showing artists A-H). My music folder has 1470 folders and 20,000 music files within it. Are there any limitations to the sharing and is there any workaround that doesn't involve jailbreaks etc. Also, when I click music, it appears to give me repeated folder names, instead of following the same folder format my PC has. I also wanted to ask why LG offers more than one piece of software to share media from my PC to the TV? Is one better that the other? I own Nero 2016 - should I use that over LG offer? Is there a known media sharing piece of software that out performs all the others - i'm happy to invest in software that handles this perfectly? Any help is appreciated?
  2. Hello, I'm really impressed with WebOS, though I have noticed a few bugs. However, the Smart Share feature really needs work. Here are some suggestions, covering the most important areas: Easy access to content! This is the worst part right now and I can see a couple of ways to fix it: Add Smart Share shortcuts to the Launcher Bar. These could include one or more of these options: DLNA server, folder & view type DLNA server, folder DLNA server Alternatively, completely redo the top-level of Smart Share Start with list of DLNA/content servers Allow users to create shortcuts to specific servers, folders with/without view type Retain view-type selection! Right now, this defaults to "list view" after you power-cycle, etc. Better use of screen area at the top It shows the current folder in big text, how about showing (in a different text color but still large text) the select folder underneath that Make it more clear that the tab on the left is a tab/button that goes back to the previous device or folder Fast-forward and rewind I think the scrubber works but I don't see why these are greyed out? Thanks!
  3. It would be super handy to have the ability to create a bookmark (a tab on the home menu) to make it easy to return to any location on a DLNA server. It has taken weeks to discover the folder browsing option hidden in Smart Share, but it still requires drilling down through the nested folders to get to the good stuff. A bookmarking feature once you're in a folder would be awesome. E