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  1. Ah hah, thanks, it seems that's all old WebOS 2 and below, it's a shame LG don't make the WebOS 3 builds public.
  2. Thanks! Where do you find / get updates for beta firmware / software for LG products? The community seems very fragmented.
  3. OK after putting my software version up last night, a new update just came out today! - LG version 3.17.20 - webOS TV Version: 3.1.2-1217 (dreadlocks-denali)
  4. Yeah I've been wondering this also, I don't know why they couldn't just install an airplay receiver app on the TV. More info here: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2272-hacking-the-lg-60uh770t-3rd-party-apps-upgrades-etc/
  5. FYI I have an 60UH770T-HT, it runs WebOS 3.1.1 and Netflix streams 4k films / series perfectly, even on my slow 20Mbit internet link. I do have some similar questions around WebOS apps etc... that I posted here: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2272-hacking-the-lg-60uh770t-3rd-party-apps-upgrades-etc/
  6. Australian here with an LG 60UH770T-TA - LG version 3.10.3 - webOS TV Version: 3.1.1-120804 (dreadlocks-denali) More info here: http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/2272-hacking-the-lg-60uh770t-3rd-party-apps-upgrades-etc/
  7. Howdy, Bought myself an LG 60UH770T-HT (in Australia) and love it. It's the first 'smart' TV I've seen where the OS doesn't make me want to make it un-smart, Android on TVs is just awful in my experience. Is running LG Software version 3.17.20 at present and Web OS 3.1.2-1217 (dreadlocks-denali). I'm really keen to find out if I can install 3rd party apps such as a replacement web browser for the very limited one that came installed with the TV etc.... Things I'd like to do / find out if I can do: Upgrade the inbuilt hard drive to a larger SSD. Install a better web browser (one that's updated, security patched, allows downloads etc...). See if I can enable any more advanced settings. Customise the interface layout. Train the smart remote to the IR codes for my QUAD Vena integrated amp.I contacted LG via twitter and they weren't at all helpful, essentially blew me off to talk over the phone then changed that to logging something with the Australian only website, they didn't even respond when I said that the QUAD was a UK brand and widely used all over the world, they made it pretty clear they didn't care. Twitter convo started here: https://twitter.com/s_mcleod/status/756353546245672961 Moved to a DM convo LG support blowing me off.pdf Contribute back any learning / information I find out to help others. Mirror my iPhone directly to the TV, I'm hoping there's an Airplay receiver app out there somewhere. Add Getflix, or a quick way to switch between DNS servers to the UI. And probably a lot more.
  8. Howdy, From Aussie here, Bought myself an LG 60UH770T and love it. Is running Web OS 3.10.31 at present, I'm really keen to find out if I can install 3rd party apps such as a replacement web browser for the very limited one that came installed with the TV etc....
  9. I too want to know - keen to get some 3rd party apps on!
  10. Awesome work w/ Paw3 @luckymarmot, will be very useful for continuing build out our services for homelessness in Aus https://t.co/i7gml3fIVb

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