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  1. I see. Maybe it is only in the larger models now. That's a bummer.
  2. I have been looking high and low for a TV that allows picture in picture with two different inputs, so I can have the Playstation 4 and regular TV on the same screen. Finally found LG TV's with WebOS3.0 and MULTI-VIEW and thought my prayers were answered! I went out and bought a 49" LG 49UJ6300 today, with WebOS 3.5(!) so it's even better I thought. Got it home, hooked it up and it was beautiful. Only to discover that there was NO Multiview! Apparently it is not supported on the 6300. What the hell? The older 6030 49" had it, with WebOS 3.0 !!!? You're supposed to ADD features, not drop them! Anyone know why they did that? Is it just that 49" version or is multi-view just gone now? That was the one feature I wanted from the damn TV, so I took it back. The older 6030 is out of stock everywhere. I'm so bummed. Nobody makes TV's that can do split-screen. I guess Samsung still does it but they are much more expensive.